LTFRB asks LTO to suspend the driver’s license, Cherish Charmaine Interior issues apology

  • The taxi driver named Virgilio Doctor filed legal case against the woman driver who slapped him on Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.
  • Numerous fake pages surface on Social Media using the name of Cherish Charmaine Interior
  • Cherish Charmaine Interior issues apology over her Facebook account regarding the road altercation on Sunday (December 17)

The authorities are now looking after the woman who slapped a taxi driver in a viral video after Virgilio Doctor, who survived a stroke in 2014, and his operator went to the LTFRB yesterday to file a complaint against Cherish Charmaine Interior, 31. The old taxi driver also got the support from LTFRB spokesperson Aileen Lizada.

“We will file charges with the LTO. We want to let the LTO to decide if this kind of driver is fit to drive,” Lizada said.

Doctor and Interior also filed charges of unjust vexation, slight physical injury and malicious mischief against each other before the Quezon City Police District Station 3.

Doctor, who has been driving taxis for more than 10 years, told reporters the altercation began at a stoplight along Congressional Avenue yesterday when he tried to overtake Interior’s vehicle. Interior blocked him, stopped the vehicle and stepped out. She was caught on video hitting Doctor in the face and trying to dismantle the taxi’s side mirror. Doctor said prior to hitting him, Interior grabbed a tube or golf club and repeatedly hit his taxi.

Lizada said Interior’s behavior indicates she should not have the privilege of driving and that she does not respect the elderly.

Cherish Sharmaine Interior speaks up

A Facebook page named after Cherish Sharmaine Interior, made just yesterday (December 18) is getting more attention as the netizens think that this is her real account.

This is the page’s first post: “Peace po sa mga bashers ko.
Ang tanga kasi ng matanda. Nasampal ko tuloy. Di ko na uulitin yung, promise!”

The page even shared a photo of her with her boyfriend. “Meet my hubby! :)”

The page also asked for justice. “King ina nyong mga bashers kayo. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas ng dahil sa inyo eh. Nakikita nyo ba tong kamao ko? Hindi ko na kayo sasampalin. Susuntukin ko na kayo. Mga bwisit! Leave me alone!

Pasalamat nga kayo at may lagnat ako that time, kung wala akong lagnat, hindi lang siguro sampal ang aabutin ni lolo. Sumakit pa yung kamay ko nung pagsampal ko sa kanya kaya we had to go to the hospital to check my hands.

At pwede ba, kino contact na namin ang family ng matanda para mag kaayos kami. Kayong mga bashers lang naman ang nag papalala ng sitwasyon eh. #JusticeForMe”

The page Cherish Sharmaine Interior was obviously made to add more insult to the injury. It was made to stir more hate towards the lady driver.

Cherish Sharmaine Interior’s apology

In her Facebook post on Monday, Cherish Sharmaine Interior says her apology to the  public and to the old driver she slapped in a road altercation on Sunday.

“Hi. I’m Cherish Sharmaine Interior. I’ve been reading some posts about me. Some pages have also been created that pretends to be mine but I would like to speak out.

First of all, I am sorry. It was just caused by my short temper. I have a problem on anger management and please understand my situation.

Second of all, I am not always like this. My friends and relatives know the real me. I deeply regret what happened. I got the name of the driver and I’m more than willing to reach out to him.

Third, that fb page under my name is not mine. I won’t post photos of myself and my bf especially that we are hated by the social media public today. That page is created to incite more hate on me and my bf. It just needs your likes and hate. This is the reason why I needed to deactivate my main Facebook account and use my spare account to protect my loved ones since they have their infos and photos on my original account.

Fourth, please spare my company and my relatives! Call me vile things, assassinate my character, I deserve that. But please spare my company, officemates and relatives.”

Cherish Sharmaine Interior’s company reacts

“VXI Global Holdings B.V. is aware of the recent altercation involving a VXI employee and a taxi driver after photos, videos, and other postings about the incident circulated on social media.

However, the incident occurred when the employee was on personal time and was not doing any work for VXI. We leave it to the appropriate authorities to handle the case.

While VXI is not in any way connected with the incident, VXI does not condone misconduct and any inappropriate behavior by any of its employees.”



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