Clearing the mess up of make-ups

Who wouldn’t want to be a beauty vlogger?

It is probably one of the best jobs you can do if being online is your life. Vloggers get to attend fashion, lifestyle and beauty product launches. They also get swags and get to try the latest beauty products, and keep them afterwards. Which is why you see a lot of vloggers on social media and Youtube. They live such fascinating lives but how do they make it work and succeed?  We got to talk to two of the famous Beauty Vlogger Anne Clutz and Chinky Nazareno on how their Vlogging life started.

How did their journey go about?

There are vloggers and then there are beauty vloggers like Anne Clutz (The Anne Clutz) who stand out in the vlogging world of make-up and skin care tutorials because of her wit, unique insights, and that rare “X-factor” that separates the good from the great.

Anne Clutz says she started her vlog as something that she could do and take care of her family at the same time.  

“It started as something that I did for fun while at home, but it turned out to be a lot of hard work. I had to figure out my identity as a blogger, and then strategize how to communicate this identity and vision to an audience.”

“It also takes a lot of discipline. There will be mean comments and bashers here and there, but the best way to deal with them is to ignore and keep an open mind on everything.”

As you can blogging and vlogging isn’t a walk in the park. But it helps if you can find your “voice” or style.  Just ask Chinky Nazareno (Chinkytita), where her interest on watching videos that are raw, natural and the daily things that influencer does inspired her to do the same thing.

It was hard but I just continued uploading more videos and I didn’t notice that I’m already reaching my goals. It was all PASSION and GOALS. Youtube makes me happy, uploading videos makes me happier”.

Make up for the all the Makeup

In this digital age, brands are often look for creative ways to get people talking about their products, traditional advertising just doesn’t quite cut it anymore. And one of the quickest ways to do that is to engage influencers and vloggers like Anne and Chinky.

As beauty vloggers, Anne and Chinky often get lots of free makeup samples and other beauty products to review. So much that, they and many other vloggers have commented they have whole cabinets and dressers filled with make up kits and accessories, many of which are hardly used before the next product to review comes in. To their dismay, the mountains of samples just add to the clutter of their homes and rooms.  So what do they do with it?

For Chinky, she was exploring ways to declutter her make-up collection and sell the others. Eventually, her sister introduced her to Carousell, a mobile-classifieds application to sell your pre-loved items like make-up, that you no longer use. Chinky immediately fell in love with the simple interface, where you could snap a photo of the item, list it and sell as quickly as within 30 seconds.

“She [Chinky’s sister] told me there really is money in selling preloved things, you just have to lower the price to attract more buyers and encourage them to buy more.”

Her career as a blogger also helped create more buyers for her preloved items, as her followers and fans grew interested in her collection. “It was really a HUGE help. There was someone who ordered in bulk who loves how the transaction went really smooth.”

It was the same for Anne, with her shining career in beauty vlogging, she says how selling pre-loved stuff easier and turned out to be a fun way to meet fans.

I have followers who are willing to purchase my preloved items, because they know I will be selling them in incredibly low prices. It was fun! I loved the idea of decluttering because I do admit I tend to be a hoarder of things I do not really need. ”. As a tip she advises users to post really clear pictures of the items that they are selling and be for the prices to be negotiable.

But Carousell is more than just a selling platform. Anne admits, that as a mom, she also regularly browses the marketplace for items to buy for her baby. It’s hard to find specific items online so the buyer of my baby’s preloved stuff is so happy they were able to find them through my Carousell account and of course was able to purchase them way cheaper.”


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