Maymay Entrata celebrates Christmas in Germany with Edward Barber’s family

  • Edward Barber helps in achieving Maymay Entrata’s dreams to go to Germany.
  • Maymay celebrated her Christmas with Edward’s family.
  • Negatives also reacted and left comments on the said photo.

One of Maymay Entrata’s goal in life would be to go to Germany. And she did just that as she celebrated Christmas with the Barber family in the said country. Edward Barber uploaded a photo on his Instagram account that probably made MayWard fans scream with delight.

The caption also read:

“Before you ask… yes, I took Santa’s hat🤫”

The comment on the said photo had mixed reactions but mostly, positive. Some laughed at Edward’s facial expression and also, thanking him for the happiness.

“It’s like…”you’re mine” of us now..”

“Good morning Edward. Thank you so much for making Maymay Happy 😊❤”

“Panalo to 💕”

“Family Picture 😂❤”

Then, some just felt happy for the said photo.

“nakita ko heart mo kinikilig ako hahaha kokkorokok”

“Omg! My heart is melting!”

“ang cute nyo :)”



Written by Angela Baltan

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