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Shrimp Bucket treats their partner media and bloggers on a night of sea food fun

  • Shrimp Bucket celebrated its 5th year anniversary with a night of sea food feast.
  • The event was full of fun, laughter and prizes.

Filipinos love seafood. There is no doubt to that since we live in a country with a collection of islands rich with variations of mostly edible sea creatures.

The Shrimp Bucket celebrated its 5th year anniversary. as a way to say their “Thank You” to their patrons, Shrimp Bucket hosted a cookout at BGC, Taguig last December 9.

The event is one great night filled with fun games, surprises, and what is a cookout without food, right?—of course, with overflowing servings of shrimps!

Paul Martinez, Owner and Founder of Shrimp Bucket

The night started with a short history of the concept of Shrimp Bucket from the man behind it Mr. Paul Martinez. He picked up the idea of buckets of shrimp during one of his trip to LA and wonder why not bring it to the Philippines?

To suit it with the Filipino palate, they put an Asian twist on the menu. Established in 2012, Shrimp Bucket has now 7 branches in the Metro. They are also expanding their menus with grilled pork recipes which will be first served in their Katipunan branch. The ambiance of the venue is warm and cozy filled with warm lights and wooden tables and benches.

Exciting games and great performances keep the guess buzzing until the most awaited food is ready to be served. The venue is surrounded by stalls such as the “Fry Station” for chicken wings and rice, the “Grill Station” for the pork belly, and of course the highlight of the night— the “Shrimp Station”.

Without a doubt, the “Shrimp Station” had the longest line of guests waiting for their turn to grab a bag of shrimps. The guests also get to choose on what sauce they want to put on their bag of Shrimps. We only get to taste the “Mardi Gras” and “Salty Eggsperience” sauce which is the crowd’s favorite because of its creamy taste which complimented the shrimps tender texture. Shrimp Bucket offers a wide range of flavors such as Mardi Gras, Salty Eggsperience, Coco-sol, Frenchy Lemon Pepper, The Spaniard, Sebastiana and Coco-Curry.

Guests were given plastic gloves and bibs so they can eat the shrimps messily which made it more enjoyable. The servers were very accommodating, the live performances were good, the food is good of course how will the Shrimp Bucket stay in the industry for 5 years right?

If you love shrimps, then the Shrimp Bucket is your go-to place.


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