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Wil Dasovich is almost done with chemotherapy

  • Wil Dasovich is almost done with chemotherapy.
  • He is willing to do more chemo sessions but doctors advised him otherwise.
  • He also shared he feels great and more productive.

Wil Dasovich is almost done with chemotherapy! Diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer, he had to undergo chemo sessions to combat the disease. He confirmed that his chemo sessions will be done in a YouTube video he uploaded last December 18, Monday.

“I’m gonna be done by January if the scan is good.”

He also explained:

“Maximum amount of cycles you can do is twelve. Like, that’s the max anyone can do. But, recent studies have shown that actually a lot of people have been cured from six cycles. And, they’ve also found out that there hasn’t been a significant difference of people who do nine cycle.”

He then added that he was already done with eight. He also said that he is willing to do ten cycles but doctors advised him that too much chemotherapy might damage his nerves.

Although, he felt good in general and said:

“I feel really great. One of the things that got me through this whole process is feeling like you’re worth something and feeling you’re productive like you’re still productive and able to do stuff.”

Watch his vlog here:


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