10 Reasons To Fall In Love With “Mr. And Mrs. Cruz”

  • The latest rom-com from director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is making waves on social media right now.
  • Here are 10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love with “Mr. And Mrs. Cruz”.

Everyone is talking about the first Filipino romance film of the year, Mr. And Mrs. Cruz. The film is directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo and stars Ryza Cenon and JC Santos. One of the year’s most anticipated Pinoy films, the film follows two strangers who went to Palawan to find their-selves. In an unexpected twist of fate, these two strangers share the same surname, Cruz, causing everyone they meet to assume that they’re a couple. These two strangers got to know each other along their trip, and eventually fell for each other.

Wondering why you have to see it in cinemas now?

Well, here are 10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love with “Mr. And Mrs. Cruz”. Warning: minor spoilers ahead!

10. The Unconventional Storytelling.

Unlike most of the romance films that we see in local cinemas nowadays, Mr. And Mrs. Cruz stands out with its unusual way of storytelling, very much like director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s previous film Kita Kita.

Viewers may find some of the scenes in the film odd and weird (such as people disappearing from a boat, bubbles coming out of nowhere the two lead characters are dancing, etc.) but these scenes make the film a unique and memorable in a good way.

9. A Story Built On Conversation.

The film follows the trend of films like Before Sunrise and That Thing Called Tadhana wherein the whole plot is built on conversations between the two lead characters.

Unlike most romance films that rely heavily on intense dramatic conflicts that propel the story, the film is focused on the interaction of the two main characters. And the more we get to know more about these characters, the more we get invested in their story.

8. Relatability of the two characters.

Both characters of Raffy and Gela are very relatable to audiences. One is feeling lost and is not sure on what to do with her life while the other one is heartbroken after a failed relationship.

Everyone will surely find themselves in the shoes of these two characters at one point in their lives.

7. The Memorable lines.

The film is full of quotable lines from the characters, such as “Life is a mixture of fairytale and tragedy.” Aside from this, there are some other hilarious quips from the characters that you’ll surely remember like “Nahanap ko si Nemo pero yung sarili ko, hindi ko pa rin makita”.

6. The Unforgettable Scenes.

The film has a lot of memorable moments too, like JC Santos’ butt exposure and his brief hacks, the Underground River boat ride, and vomiting scene in their bedroom. But the most unforgettable moment would be the drinking session at the resto-bar. I’m telling you, Ryza Cenon will wow you in this scene.

5. The Ending.

Of course, we’re not gonna reveal the ending of the story but it’s definitely one of the best things about the film. Period.

4. The Beautiful Setting in Palawan.

The film features a lot of gorgeous locations in Palawan. The film takes us all around the province, from the mystical Underground River to the beautiful beaches and waters of Coron. I’m pretty sure that you’ll end up dreaming about visiting Palawan after watching this movie.

3. You’ll end up loving Ryza Cenon.

Last year, Ryza Cenon starred as Jewel in the romantic gore indie film Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B. She also appeared as the primary antagonist Georgia Ferrer in the GMA TV show Ika-6 na Utos. This 2018, she takes the spotlight as Gela, a girl searching for herself in Mr. And Mrs. Cruz. She made Gela someone you’ll root for, and you’ll end up loving her character no matter what she has done in the past.

2. JC Santos will be your next Celebrity Crush.

After bringing tears to everyone with his amazing performance in last year’s 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, JC Santos is back to steal everyone’s hearts as Raffy, a man trying to mend his broken heart. I’m pretty sure after watching this film, you’ll be adding his name to your list of Pinoy Celebrity Crushes with his enthusiasm and charm.

1. Director Sigrid Andrea Bernado’s return to the big screen.

After her phenomenal blockbuster hit Kita Kita last year, director Sigrid Bernardo is back to give us another wonderful story about two people finding love in the most unexpected ways. If you enjoyed Kita Kita, I’m sure you will also love her latest film.

Mr. And Mrs. Cruz is now showing in cinemas nationwide.



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