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BB Gandanghari signs with a Hollywood agency; tries her luck in TV shows

  •  BB Gandanghari took to Instagram to reflect on his journey as she chases her dream of making it to Hollywood as an actress.
  • The 50-year old actress revealed that she has to endure the challenges in order to pursue her ultimate dream.

BB Gandanghari shared her journey as she chases her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress in an Instagram post. The 50-year old actress revealed that it was never easy for her to pursue her ultimate dream as an actress.

“Agency hunting as I used to call it, proved to be very challenging. I started working on my profile/resume, reels and other stuff January of 2017, but not until June was I finally ready to send it out to agencies. Or so I thought. Of course, I wasn’t. I needed to update my headshot, I was told,” she wrote.

BB admitted that he went to tough times as a woman living independently outside the Philippines.

“By this time, I was already out of schedule, as far as being represented, being a working actor that is, and OUT of BUDGET. There are bills and rent to pay no matter what. So there I was, in the summer of 2017, doing everything that is humanly possible to survive this so-called LIFE… of a woman susceptible to hate because I am transgender. Tough times is an understatement as I find ways and means to be productive so as to not only support a mere existence in a foreign land but to support a dream, the so-called Hollywood dream,” she continued.

BB revealed that discrimination for transgender is rampant that she had a hard time getting a job to support herself in LA.

“Struggles are Real! It is at this time too, that discrimination as a transgender on job opportunities is not just a hearsay, but a sad and unfortunate reality, as I urgently sought employment to support a life, a DREAM. There are few options and I’m willing to do them all, believe me. Survival, indeed, is an instinct, because my instincts dictated so. Survival mode, I used to remind myself every time I would feel weak and out during this process. LA living is far from cheap… double job/ shift I’ve realized is the only way to go. I did just that,” she added.

On the latter part of her post, BB proudly announced that she already signed with an agency in Los Angeles and even auditioned for roles in television shows.

“Fall 2017 marked my transition into becoming an auditioning actor when I signed with @thebroganagency. Praise be to God Almighty, Jehovah. The great white ‘Hollywood’ way is finally within sight. So far, I have auditioned to some of the top networks shows that I never thought I would ever have the chance to do so and went as far as being on hold for a role, I’m proud to say,” she proudly shared.

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