Fans theorize “La Luna Sangre’s” Jacintha is Malia in the future

  • Jacintha Magsaysay bids farewell in La Luna Sangre.
  • Killing Tristan and Sandrino, she dissolves into thin air.
  • Netizens also reacted on theory: Jacintha will be Malia in the future.

The identity of Jacintha Magsaysay of La Luna Sangre had been concealed in secrecy. Last January 9, Tuesday, La Luna Sangre‘s episode, some fans reckon that the said show recently gave the first hint of who she really is. Fans believe they saw Malia’s face as Jacintha undergoes her vague death scene.

Viewers already know that Jacintha manages to travel through time to fulfill her mission to prevent the evil plot of Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) to make Tristan (Daniel Padilla) a vampire. Although Jacintha remained unsuccessful in preventing Tristan’s turn, she needed to stab him in his chest.

However, she did succeed in killing Sandrino leading to the said villain to dissolve into thin air. Jacintha, then, looked up at Malia and whispered, “Tapos na.” 

In the said episode, Jacintha’s signature red cloak fell to the ground as she dissolved into thin air. However, the said scene on January 10, Wednesday, had an extended version which focused on Jacintha’s face with Malia’s features. The viewers took it to Twitter to hint and note the quick transition.

This apparently lead to Jacintha’s vague death scene where viewers can see Malia’s features. Netizens also reacted on the said scene:

Some couldn’t wait for the fourth installment of the LoboImortal and La Luna Sangre.

“So, Kathryn is the teenage Malia. Now I can’t wait to reveal that Jacintha is the future Malia or should I say the Adult Malia. Yey! I smell installment number 4 with Angel Locsin leading the cast again. Saya 👏🏼😍 #LLSTheWake”

Some also that the theory, which said Malia will be Jacintha in the future, makes sense.

“The mere fact that the blood moon is going to happened again and Malia is the current Head Guardian, there is a big possibility that Jacintha Magsaysay is Lyka Raymundo. It would make a lot of sense that she is there for a reason, the same reason that Remus has before. #LLSTarget”

The tweet continued:

“And that reason is, her, Jacintha Magsaysay / Lyka Raymundo to pass on the stone to Malia that she previously has.”

Some actually made a poll, asking their followers whether or not they believe Jacintha will be Malia in the future.

“The people have spoken, Jacintha Magsaysay is the future Malia! There is a hundred percent possibility that Jacintha is Malia from the future. According to our survey, 90% of the casual viewers think that Jacintha is Malia. 10% others/ undecided”




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