Gerald Anderson reacts to Hanz Cua’s prediction on his relationship with Bea Alonzo

  • Gerald Anderson expressed his aspiration to have a family.
  • He also reacted to Hanz Cua’s prediction of settling down with Bea Alonzo.

Gerald Anderson recently appeared in Magandang Buhay on January 17, Wednesday. When he received a question about when will be the perfect time to get married and have a baby. He answered that he already stepped into the part of his life when he wants to do son, he will do it. He also expressed his desire on wanting to have a child and a person he could take care of.

Hanz Cua recently had a prediction about celebrities and their lives in 2018. The said prediction also included that Gerald and Bea Alonzo will be ready to settle down and marry this year. He also added that his vision also suggests that they could start a family.

When Gerald saw the clip of Hanz’s prediction, he smiled then said, “You attract what you always think.”

Gerald and Bea spent the holidays together in his hometown in General Santos City and the United States. Singer Bugoy Drilon revealed that they turned out to be on the same flight together. Bea also recently won the People of the Year award of PeopleAsia magazine. Aside from the said recognition, Bea also won the Most Elegant Lady of the Night from Volvo.


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