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James Deakin apologizes for dragging Kris Aquino on his Facebook post; Kris accepts

  • Kris Aquino slammed James Deakin for dragging her name.
  • James Deakin apologized to Kris Aquino.
  • Kris Aquino accepted James Deakin’s apology.

Motoring journalist and road safety advocate James Deakin has apologized to Kris Aquino for dragging her name into his social media controversy surrounding his photo with Bongbong Marcos.

In a Facebook post, Sunday, January 21, Deakins clears social media speculation about his photo with losing Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos. Deakin’s on the post explained that it was a shoot for a vlog and not an endorsement whatsoever of the person.

And in defending himself from people’s criticisms, James Deakin unwittingly used Kris Aquino as an example how he worked with objectivity as a journalist. (Note: the comment was already deleted by James Deakin.)

“And lastly, for those saying “why talk to BBM about traffic, he’s not a transport official” I interview or share my advocacies with all sorts of people. Including his biggest political rivals, the Aquinos. My personal feelings shouldn’t be taken into account”, he wrote.

Kris Reacts

That comment immediately reached the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino.

In a Facebook note, Kris slammed James Deakin for showing unprofessionalism in dragging her name into his social media mess. She also remarked why she had to be always connected whenever Bongbong or any Marcos was being mentioned.

“Hi James (now why does that name seem to always get connected to me?), Let’s be HONEST. We were both hired by Petron to do a webisode for them. NAGTRABAHO TAYO. BINAYARAN TAYO. You were informative & very good for on cam conversation… Now i understand the need to “explain” yourself but really? You’ll use 5’3 me as a “shield”?” Kris wrote.
“But i felt the need to react immediately because “unprofessionalism” is unacceptable to me. I’ve always believed in having the courage to be answerable for the choices in life I make & continue to make” she added.
Kris also reminded Deaking that she is a celebrity with a political name, not vice versa.
“I am a celebrity with a political last name- but up until today i haven’t entered the political arena”.
In the end, Kris asked for professionalism and respect.
“PROFESSIONALISM means you show up, you woman (or man) up, you give them their millions’ worth, and you have the wisdom to separate whatever divisive political views you may have from your endorsements or brand partners. That is simply RESPECT.” she said.

James apologized, Kris accepted

Meanwhile, after Kris’s Facebook note, Jame Deakin immediately reached out to Kris and offered his apology.

Through Luis Manzano, James Deakin was able to get Kris’s number.

James Deakin then explained how she unintentionally used Kris as a sample just to disprove people’s accusation which he admitted to be a lapse in judgment.

“Yes you were right I was also working when I did the bbm conversation. But it was taken as an endorsement. I really wanted to clear that up. So brought up our video as an example because I can’t be endorsing both of you”. he texted.

He then added that he shouldn’t have gone that far and for that he is truly sorry.

“I see in hindsight how I shouldn’t have gone there and for that I am truly sorry. You’ve been gracious with me. And you don’t deserve to be dragged into this mess. I hope you accept my apology.” Deakin added.

Kris  accepted his apology saying no hard feelings on her part.

“No hard feeling. Apology accepted.” Kris replied.

Kris posted the conversation on her Instagram account praising Deakin’s humble gesture.

“And to James Deakin, i sincerely appreciate the humble gesture to reach out, apologize & clear the air quickly. “

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