#PALABANgela: Here’s why Kris Aquino should be recognized as a full-time ‘palaban’ mother

  • #PALABANgela recognizes Kris Aquino for her palaban traits.
  • Kris as a palaban mother.
  • Kris’ palaban gesture against bashers.

#PALABANgela includes feuds, fights, controversies and issues involving celebrities. But, this column also includes celebrities who deserve to be praised for being palaban. This week, award-winning actress, full-time mother and the Queen of All Media deserves recognition for her palaban traits.

Kris Aquino remains close to her sons, Josh and James or as she calls him, Bimby. She shares how sometimes, they still sleep in one huge bed together. Kris also freely shares how she hasn’t wrapped her mind around the fact that Bimby will soon hit puberty. Whenever controversies and bashers come to strike her sons, she speaks up.

Kris Aquino as a palaban mom.

So, whether Kris is an Aquino and some Filipinos hate her, she is a great and palaban mom.

She is a mother, that’s what she does. But she does it more than others.

Kris shared Bimby’s heartfelt effort on looking for a Christmas gift for his celebrity mother. Then, a netizen left a comment that Bimby looked face-tuned. Kris, ultimately, defended her bunso and cited reasons why he would look a bit more perfect.

This is the caption on the said post:

“He asked what Christmas gift he could give me, because he hadn’t bought me anything in Tokyo or HKG, and i was watching a British vlogger i follow & she showed this as 1 of her favorite 2017 Christmas gifts. Bimb took a picture & asked @alvingagui to look for the book. @nbsalert had it! And yesterday he surprised me w/ my new book. The cutest part is that he paid back @alvingagui w/ his allowance since inabonohan muna ni Alvin. #myheartmelted ❤️”

A netizen tagged her friend which wrote:

“@kobelatonio nakabeauty effect ata si bimb??? hahahaha”

Kris replied, proving she, as a mother, will not let anyone get away with this crass comment about her son/s.

“@bienbautista have you ever considered that our home is well lit, my phone’s camera has high quality resolution & w/ 3.3 million followers i’d make sure my son’s good skin was clearly evident? Maybe you & your friend would like to meet us in person to prove that he doesn’t need beauty effect because he got his mom’s DNA?”

Kris just schooled the netizen on judging her son. People would also notice how well she raised her sons. Bimby is just a ten-year-old boy and he already acknowledges issues that grown-ups face today. He faced judgment and harsh criticism from adult men and women.

In a YouTube video, Bimby responded to netizens calling him homosexuals and gay. His response made Kris beam in pride, seemingly surprised at her son’s retort.

She started the statement saying, “I also have to be honest with all of you.”

Kris continued as she received a kiss on her cheek from her Bimby.

“It’s not easy to be my kids because wherever they go, di ba? May social media, may mga issues, may mga ano…”

Bimby interrupted Kris then, acknowledged the issue when people called him homosexual or gay.

“Like people think, like… I’m a homosexual.”

Kris looked at Bimby then said, “Yeah, don’t be homophobic right? That’s the whole message and whatever your choice in life, that’s your choice.”

Bimby’s statement became viral when he looked at the camera and asked: “Why would you judge a child?” Kris, then, supported him and said, “Don’t judge a child, and don’t make the decision for the child.”

Again, Bimby stole the hearts of many when he said: “It’s because we’re still learning about ourselves and puberty hasn’t struck for me yet.”

Kris Aquino’s palaban gesture against bashers.

Kris always posts photos of her and her family together. One time, she posted a photo of her and her two sons sharing a bed in New York.

“We had our yummy Pinoy brunch… Bincai & @bcloma who’s here now (jetsetter talaga he came from London & Paris, went back to Manila for 2 days & now he’s in NYC then he’ll fly to California) are packing 2 of our LBC boxes…

It’s obvious that this mama & 2 sons are pretty much Apple gadget obsessed- so excited to go home because @pldthome will install their new upgraded whole home wifi system that will make the most of our Fibr plan.

The 2 wanted to unbox their Apple purchases from yesterday but i said could we please wait til we got home because our wifi speed there is much faster than at our hotel. Thank God my 2 are still super obedient.

P.S. Thank you @livesmart, @nix722 told me you were sending us the iPhone 8 while we wait for the iPhone X- my 2 made me so proud, Bimb said to please tell Tito Nicko to thank Smart but it is okay- they’ll wait for the X and they didn’t want the Smart bosses to waste their money by giving us 2 new phones…

Thank You God because as a Mom, i seem to be doing okay. ❤️💛💚💙💜💝❣️”

Whenever Kris posts a photo, it would be sure that netizens would leave negative comments. A troll had tarnished her happy and motherly post, “putinbarbequehauz2017” who seem to really hate the Aquinos.

The user commented on her Instagram post, @krisaquino balitang tatakbo raw sa senate dis coming 2019 election at magfile ka raw ng ITR april 15, 2018.. Is that true????”

She answered patiently, “@putinbarbequehauz2017 regardless of your negativity i need to still find the patience to patiently reply to you. I (or to be more precise my accountants) have been FILING my ITR (in other words paying my taxes) since i started earning income when i was 15 years old. I am now 46, so that means i have been paying my taxes as a RESPONSIBLE Filipino for 31 years. Well meaning ito- magresearch muna bago magcomment para wag mag mukhang cluless.”

Stay palaban, Kris! You deserve this recognition.



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