The SparkLight: Maine Mendoza is #LifeGoals

  • Maine Mendoza is #LifeGoals!
  • The 22-year old actress-TV host-multi brand endorser- songwriter-author inspiring young Filipinos through her Instagram account.

Behind her comic personality and as the half of love team AlDub, the ‘Phenomenal Star’ Maine Mendoza is an ordinary woman with extraordinary personality. This week’s issue of my column “The SparkLight’ will tell you how the simple girl from Bulacan continue touching lives and inspiring people by just being a genuine person.

Before entering showbiz, Maine is really vocal in saying the writing is her first passion. Titled “Yup, I Am That Girl,” the book tells about her life in general- experiences and lessons in life. The goal of the book is to inspire her readers to bounce back in every downfall and be proud of everything you have, good or bad.

Last October 2017, Maine finally published her own book and definitely became a best-seller.

“It is a dream for someone who writes to have her own book. I have been writing since 2011, and while some of you may think that I am “just” a blogger, you must know that bloggers– writers in general– put so much of themselves into what they do. Writing is a passion. And I may not be a good writer but I enjoy and love expressing myself through the written word. I want to share my experiences and ideas with people; in the hope that I can make a difference in someone’s life through my words. I want to inspire them the simplest way I could. And today might be just another day for some but not for me; today, another dream of mine will be fulfilled. I will be officially launching my book this afternoon and I couldn’t be prouder of the fact that I wrote everything in it. You’ll know some of my life’s little adventures (and misadventures too!) #YupIAmThatGirl is an account of my life experiences and lessons, with pointers on the side, plus more info about me that you probably do not care about. Lol! I hope those who read my book will learn something from it, kung wala, ehhhhh.. sana meron! 😋 Ngayon palang nagpapasalamat na ako sa lahat ng bibili at shempre sa mga bumili na. And to the people who never fail to support me in everything I do, maraming salamat po! And to the Big Guy up there, thank you God, for giving me this chance to be one step closer to who I want to be,” she wrote on her Instagram post.

Maine as fashion icon

Maine is a fashion bomb in her own rights. The 22-year old actress-TV host consistently awed her followers on Instagram with her classy and modish fashion statements. She rocks every stitch and thread of her branded clothes, luxury bags and her thousands of expensive shoes.

Can you imagine yourself walking on her walk-in closet and indulge in every chest of drawer’s taste and aroma?

Maine as a fangirl

Maine is one of the country’s superstars however despite her fame, the “Eat Bulaga!” host showed her fangirl side when watched the Philippine concert of international British rock band, ColdPlay.

Maine shared her moments as an ordinary fan giggling inside her bubble of a dream.

“Seeing you
Was a dream come true
I call it magic
An adventure of a lifetime

Your voice
Made me shiver
Your songs
Filled the sky full of stars
And the way you sing
Give nothing but sparks

Time came a-creepin’
Still it was a beautiful night
Stars were shining down on you
As God put a smile on my face
As I shed tears like a waterfall
You left me;
The kid who was always in trouble
The girl who is in her little bubble
The lady with a head full of dreams
With nothing but a feeling
A feeling within me
An everglow,” she wrote ecstatically.

Maine as explorer

Maine is #TravelGoals!

Last 2017, Maine had the opportunity to visit different countries but her Maldives trip was the most memorable one. She showed the beauty of the island filled with paradise-like scenery. She described the country located on Indian Ocean as “para-para-paradise.”

The beautiful place became more aesthetic when Maine flaunted her toned and curvy body with her series of bikini photos while enjoying the ambiance.

Maine as performer

It is undeniably that Maine is a gem of showbiz industry. As a newbie, she already made her mark in Philippine TV and movie scene however what made Maine exceptional was being determined and passionate about whatever she does.

Maine shocked everyone with her intense performance in #DabarkadsGoals during “Eat Bulaga!” 38th-anniversary celebration. Despite Ryan Agoncillo was not able to join her in their grand finals performance, Maine still announced as the winner.

Indeed, Philippine showbiz needs a Maine Mendoza!

Maine as adventure seeker

Maine is not your ordinary girl!

During showbiz hiatus, Maine crossed out one item on her bucket list. She ended her 2017 with a skydiving experience in Miami, Florida.

Maine shared her experience as a certified dare-devil on her Instagram post, “I have always wondered how it would feel to fly. How do birds feel when they soar through the sky. How it feels to see everything from up above. I was fortunate enough to experience this in the magic city— Miami.

“Funny thing, I almost cried while sitting inside the aircraft– incredibly nervous and happy– because DAMN I cannot believe I am actually doing this! (There is nothing more nerve-racking than the anticipation; from signing the waiver to the plane ride up; and when they open that motherfriggin door mid-flight! Jusko ang puso ko!) But when we jumped off, I felt nothing but absolute bliss. For the most part, it felt unreal to me. It was breathtaking– literally, too. It was amazing. Best part is I didn’t pee my shorts! Seriously though, I cannot believe I actually did it; I took the ultimate plunge! I was so freakin scared but still I made it alive. Lol! Next on my bucket list is to do it alone. (Charot, semi-not charot!) It made me realize most of the things worth doing starts with being nervous or terrified. You just gotta take the leap and make it happen. You might just be amazed at what you could achieve and how far your jump can take you ONLY if you take the chance. Sabi nga sa Nike, “just do it”! Some things are always worth a try. At the end of the day, chances are you’ll be thanking yourself for taking the risk because it made you happy… or at least alive. I hope we all get to experience new things and collect wonderful memories this 2018! Happy New Year, everybody!”

Maine as entrepreneur 

Aside from being a showbiz personality, Maine is certified entrepreneur. She recently opened a McDonald branch in Sta. Clara, Bulacan last August 2017.

According to her, having a McDonald’s is a dream come true for her and for her family. The said branch is being managed by her elder sister  Niki Mendoza-Catalan.

Maine is definitely an inspiration to young professionals out there to start their own business as early as now.

Maine as a cover girl

As one of the most in-demand cover girls of the country, Maine already graced countless magazine covers that focused on fashion, lifestyle, fitness, business and showbiz.

Last 2017, Maine has been named as one of MEGA Magazine 25 iconic women and according to reports, her special magazine covers was the first to be sold out among 24 other covers.

Maine as a loving sister

Maine has a successful career, various endorsements but more than this, she is blessed with a wonderful family. She has two sisters and two brothers that were very close to her. On her IG account, Maine often shared picture and videos with her siblings during their travels and adventures.

“Five different children and five different experiences #SiblingsOfOsaka,” she wrote on her IG post.

It seems that Maine Mendoza has it all, however, she still remained grounded and humble despite all of her achievements and blessings.

Maine is a woman of character that can inspire other young people to chase their dreams, no matter what their dreams are. She exudes the confidence of a woman despite flaws and imperfections. She is a reflection of a woman excelling in her chosen fields with humility and substance. She is a woman with a big heart that is ready to face anything that will come along her way. She is brave and courageous to step out in her comfort zone for her to embrace the meaning of life behind fame and people’s cheers.

These are some of the genuine reasons why Maine Mendoza can be considered as one’s #LifeGoals but more than that an inspiration to all of us.

LionhearTV will always support the one and only “Phenomenal Star” that once caught the hearts of millions of Filipinos worldwide and consistently uplifting lives every noon time. May God continue to bless you with good people and happy life.

Indeed, you are a gem!



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