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The SparkLight: Marian Rivera-Dantes, the multi-faceted Queen of Philippine showbiz

  • “Kapuso Primetime Queen’ Marian Rivera-Dantes proved that being a woman is being empowered.
  • The 33-year old actress-TV host-endorser is a true queen on her own kingdom of success and appreciation.

As one of the country’s most in demand actresses and endorsers, Marian Rivera has already made her name stitched in the glits and glamour of Philippine showbiz industry.

She starred in various top rating teleserye since her breakthrough performance in Pinoy adaptation of hit Mexican TV series, “Marimar.”

With her mestiza looks, Marian’s face has been the standard of beauty for most of Filipinas today. She was hailed as a three-time sexiest Pinay of FHM magazine which put her as the only woman in the world to top the annual list for the third time. Undeniably, Marian is a living goddess inside her own kingdom and a true queen of beauty and grace.

On the third issue of the column #TheSparkLight, Marian Rivera-Dantes will show you how to be a queen who deserved nothing but high regards. More than her beauty and talent, she made her spot sparkling at the top with her grandeur flavor and impressive package as a wife, a mother and an actress.

Marian as a wife

On December 30, 2014, Queen Marian tied the knot with her rightful King, Dingdong Dantes. The wedding has been dubbed as the “Royal Wedding” of the Kapuso Network’s very own royal couple. The whole world witnessed the exchange of vows between Marian and Dingdong and made everyone believed in true love.

Recently, the couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Marian posted a photo during their reception in Mall Of Asia Arena. It can be seen on the photo the couple giving extra sweet stares to each other.

“Forever began 3 years ago. Oo, naniniwala akong mayroon nun,” Marian wrote on her Instagram post.

Marian as a mother

Marian is an inspiration to all mothers and women out there with her genuine advocacy to uplift and honor the importance of motherhood.

She teaches us that being a mother is the most noble job a woman could ever do. She exudes the aura of a Queen but celebrates the womanhood with the most simple yet classic way. She is a reflection of the authenticity and the sincerest traits of the majesty. She reconnects the broken social construct on femininity and motherhood and draw herself her own image of life and celebration.

Marian as an actress

Unlike other actresses, Marian is unique and charismatic in every role she portrayed. She manifest that talent and connection of an actress in finding the string which appeals the reality and fiction into one range of spectrum. She unravel every knots of barriers that made her more reachable from viewers broad perspective.

She walks the life of her characters through unbiased and concern way of pride and appreciation. She is not just an actress but an artist who honored the craft more that what it deserved.

Marian as entrepreneur

Aside from being a wife and a mother, Marian is certified entrepreneur when she opened her flower shop “Flor Vida.” She became a motivation to every one that woman is not pent-up to the essence of carrying a child on their womb, but a woman is empowered individual who consistently achieve their dreams despite precedence of life as mother and a home maker.

Marian is a dream chaser on her own universe of possibilities and exploration. She opened the superficial reality that woman has high standards of excellence rather than being exhaustive representation of fallacy of failed dreams.

Marian as an in-demand endorser

Marian Rivera with the 555 Tuna Executives | © Mc Richard Paglicawan

To an effective brand endorser, you should have the dignified image and firm credibility. Marian dominated the game in the magazines, billboards and TV commercials with her various endorsements.

It proved that Marian embodies every aspirations of a woman that could possibly entice curiosity and sincerest flattery.

It seems that Marian has a perfect life as wife to Dingdong and as mother to Zia but more than that she has the inducement to influence lives. She pulled the thickest thread out of the honest frustrations of a woman and made it to a beautiful and exciting work of success and exaltation.

All hail to the true Queen!


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