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Tommy Esguerra reacts to the physical transformation of his ex-girlfriend, Miho Nishida

  • Tommy Esguerra shared his reaction on Miho Nishida’s new look.
  • He also admitted that Miho used to talk to him about cosmetic surgery.
  • When Tommy saw a photo of Miho’s new look, he didn’t recognize her.

On the sidelines of the star-studded Sunpiology Resolution Run on January 21, Sunday. Albert Abelido, an entertainment blogger, uploaded a video of the interview with Tommy Esguerra on YouTube. In the early 2017, Tommy and Miho Nishida called their relationship quits. In the said interview, Tommy admitted that he had a get-together with his fans. Many of the said fans also asked him about her new appearance.

Tommy also shared that he felt shocked by her transformation.

“I had no idea talaga. I am shocked.”

Tommy continued that his fans told him about it.

“They showed me the photo. At first I didn’t recognize her, but then, I was like, ‘This is Miho! Oh my gosh!’ Because I never heard anything, never saw anything, so when I saw it, nagulat lang ako. But it’s good, ah.”

Tommy also shared that Miho looked beautiful during her first solo concert.

“Maganda, especially sa concert niya. Maganda siya talaga.”

Tommy likewise became aware of the mixed reactions on Miho’s transformation. They also both built a loyal fan base since the start of their relationship. He pointed out that her views of her own self-image matter more.

“Yes, people will bash, say things or whatever, pero if she’s happy at the end of the day, you have to be happy for the person. So I’m happy for her.”

“She talked about it, that she might do something like that. I just told her na, ‘For me, I don’t care for that. If you do or you don’t, it doesn’t matter to me.'” he said.

However, Tommy and Miho hasn’t been in contact with each other after their break-up.

“No. Mahirap kasi. I know a lot of people will say, ‘Wow, how can you not stay friends or can you not still talk?’ Every relationship is different.”

He further continued that he had to take different paths.

“We were really close, we were very close, as close as any two people can be. We got into showbiz together. We did it together. When we broke up, it’s not easy to move on. We had to take different paths.”

“I think it’s one of those things na you don’t push it, you don’t actively seek for it. If it comes into your life, if it happens, we’ll talk.”

He hoped that Miho remains happy with her rumored relationship with JV Kapunan. Tommy is currently being romantically paired with Kelley Day.

“I hope she’s happy. He’s a good guy. I’m happy for them.”


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