Ethel Booba gives Harry Roque his own Chinese name; Netizens follow her lead

  • Harry Roque stated that even though China named foods and products, it doesn’t mean it originated there.
  • Ethel Booba responded and gave him his own Chinese name.
  • Netizens also followed her lead and thought of a possible Chinese name for him. 

Philippine Star recently quoted Harry Roque on his thoughts about products which the people of China named. According to him, these products do not belong to China. Ethel Booba gave him a classic response which Filipinos loved.

She also already has a million followers on her Twitter account, making her more influential than people think she really is.

In the Philippine Star’s tweet, they wrote:

“”For me, we should not be too alarmist on this because China has given names to many things. Siopao, mami, all these were named by the Chinese. Hototay soup, but this did not mean that they owned these,” Roque said.”

The Presidential spokesperson referred to China naming five features in an undersea plateau which remains located just off the eastern Luzon seaboard. The said location is believed to host a vast amount of reserves of natural resources.

Harry added that there will be no controversy in the Philippine Rise or Benham Rise and stressed that the country will still give the five features their own Philippine names. Located some nautical miles east of Cagayan, the named features also include the Jinghao and Tianbao Seamounts. The Haidonquing Seamount remains further east at 190 nautical miles and Cuiqiao Hill. Jujiu Seamount also still forms the central peaks of the Philippine Ruse undersea geological province.

This specific article caught Ethel’s attention. She quoted it and wrote:

“Your Chinese name is Gah Go. Charot!”

She ultimately won the internet, earned the responses and likes of many. Some netizens also added their own twist on Harry’s Chinese name.

One netizen quickly replied to Ethel’s tweet and wrote:

“Pwede ring Tang Nga.”

Another netizen also added to the flame and wrote:

“Bob Uy

A netizen also gave Harry another possible Chinese name.

“Pwede rin Le Tse”

Another netizen thought that this Chinese name for Harry is better.

“ba lim bing is better”



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