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Kelsey Merritt believes that Filipinos should not be shamed for having English grammar errors

  • Model Kelsey Merritt took to Twitter to express her frustrations on Filipinos who are shaming other people’s grammars.
  • The 21-year old model believes that committing grammar errors in English is not a big deal.

Model Kelsey Merritt took to Twitter to express her thoughts about those people who are afraid to commit grammar errors in English. The 21-year old model expressed her frustration to people who are shaming other people’s grammar.

“I find it weird that a lot of Filipinos apoligize for their wrong english grammar and shame others for it. You have nothing to be ashamed of because it’s not your first language. Heck, even some Americans can’t speak proper english and that’s their first language na,” she first wrote.

Kelsey emphasized that Filipinos should be proud that they can understand and speak English well unlike some Asian countries.

“More than anything, you should be proud you can even understand and speak English. A lot of other Asian countries can’t,” she added.

On the last part of her Twitter thread, Kelsey said that a Filipino should be ashamed is he/she could not speak her native language.

“Mahiya ka pag di ka marunong mag Tagalog charot,” she said.


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