Kris Aquino defends herself from basher; exposes said basher for using a troll account

  • Kris Aquino defended herself against a basher who called her, “magnanakaw.”
  • The troll account used a photo of a fashion blogger, Jessica Ricks. 
  • In response, Kris exposed the deceit behind the basher’s Instagram account.

Kris Aquino exposed a basher who started attacking her. She also warned others who intend to do so. Although, some of her Instagram posts had already been deleted.

However, many had a screenshot of how she defended herself from the said basher who also turned out to be a poser.

In a now-deleted post, Kris had posted a photo with a quote on it.

The said quote also wrote: “If I say ‘First of all’ run away because I have prepared research, data, charts and will destroy you.”

True enough, Kris posted a series of screenshots on her own Instagram account. She posted the alleged photo of the said basher. She also included the comments of the said basher:

“Ang yaman ah! Pero yung pera para pala ninakaw lang”

One of Kris’ followers defended her. He also wished Kris an enjoyable vacation.

“why are you so bitter? Your judgments just reflects what type of person you are. Enjoy your vacay Miss @krisaquino”

The troll account continued to hatefully leave negative comments on Kris’ Instagram account.

“I’m not bitter you idiot. Your not watching BITAG kaya hindi mo alam. Actually AQUINO yung mga nagnakaw ng PERA na dapat sa SULU.”

Kris acknowledged the woman’s comment before unleashing who the basher really is. In a lengthy caption, she confessed that she experienced a jet-lag which made her scroll through comments. Kris shared that she hated the lies and will do everything to disprove them. She also loved research and now have a company which specializes in data analytics for client presentations. Kris also revealed the lies of the said comment:

“will never back down when lies will be peddled to question MY integrity especially when it comes to money. I have stated this & anybody can check w/ the BIR, from 2007 to 2016 I RESPONSIBLY remitted P361,798,667 in personal income tax. I cannot give you a 2017 figure yet because they are still processing my tax returns.”

Kris also added the illogical accusation from the basher and stated that it doesn’t look logical to steal her own money. She further added why would she post photos of the evidence.

“‘yung pera pala NINAKAW LANG’… WHY WILL I CONTINUE PAYING HUGE TAXES kung dati ninakaw ko lang – that means if we did it then, it “could” still be done now. BAKIT KO rin NANAKAWIN nuon ANG PERANG NANGGALING MISMO SA BULSA KO??? Eh di sana nag tax evasion na lang ako. Lastly – kung talagang ninakaw, bakit ko ipo-post ang “ebidensya” (in this case my trip w/ my sons)…”

As it turns out that the profile picture of the said basher is not the real her. She used the photo of a top fashion blogger and Instagram influencer, Jessica Ricks. The said blogger also has her own website,

In the said profile, the user apparently has a Filipino-American nationality and works as a model. It also wrote that she came from either Manila, Davao and Los Angeles. It also included that she had studied in both Ateneo de Manila University and Ateneo de Davao University.

In another lengthy caption, Kris declared that the said basher messed with the wrong woman. For the basher to have the nerve to call her a “magnanakaw”, the particular basher actually stole Jessica’s identity. When Kris also called out the said basher, she suddenly changed her Twitter and Instagram handle and picture.

“The problem is you can attack me w/ absolutely no evidence about stealung when in actuality you are the MAGNANAKAW. Please- wag mo kong itulad sa yo o kung sini man ang nagfu-fund ng operations ninyo.”

Kris also repeated that she doesn’t have any political plans for 2019. She dodged that she has politics as a common ground with her brother and mother.

“HINDI AKO MABAIT especially pag nananahimik akong nagtatrabaho & nagsusumikap na maging mabuting ina, pero binabalahura pa rin ang pagkatao ko. While we still have democracy- i shall defend what i worked hard to achieve & i will never again allow myself to be stepped on & trashed by people who don’t even have the courage to create a true social media account. #TRUTH #AUTHENTICITY”

Kris decided to post another photo proving the deceit behind the Instagram profile. She compared the profile picture of the basher and Jessica’s original post. In the said post, she made the caption short and understandable.

“#NoToFakes #nototrollaccounts #NoToIdentityTheft #TRUTHWINS”



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