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Mark Bautista reveals being intimate with a guy friend

  • Mark Bautista finally admits ‘bromance’ with another actor
  • A lot have already formed assumptions on who the actor is

After years of speculations, it seems that the autobiography book ‘Beyond the Mark’ written by Mark Bautista himself (no ghostwriters, whatsoever) will finally shed light on the intimacy the singer-turned actor-now an author with a previously rumored guy friend.

The book that is soon-to-be available in bookstore and is published by VRJ Books has a particular story about Bautista having an intimate relationship with a guy friend, an actor who broke up with his girlfriend due to the said relationship.

Though, Mark didn’t mention any name; a lot have already formed assumptions on who the actor is.

The said ‘bromance’ is detailed in the chapter titled ‘Friendshift’; and it revealed that he and his guy friend became intimate, twice.

The now thespian opted to put into written words his adventures about life including his love stories; and this was born out from his near-death experience from a Seattle shootout.

The book serves as his way of opening up to the world as well as being true to himself.

Surely the readers of the book will definitely grab some copies to further get to know about Mark Bautista, the first runner-up to Sarah Geronimo in ‘Star for a Night’ (2002).


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