SUSPENDED? Juancho Trivino deactivates Twitter, turns off IG comments after tactless act to Alden Richards

  • GMA Network took care of the dirty finger issue by suspending Juancho
  • Juancho takes a break from bashers by deactivating social media accounts
  • Alden Richards remained modest and made no big deal regarding the issue

Something happened on Twitter that frustrated GMA Network and Alden’s fans, and it was caused by Juancho Trivino.

The video showed that Juancho’s friend was recording Alden’s photo while Juancho was sitting from afar. Juancho’s friend laughed and said, “Nandito si Alden” then focused the camera to Juancho.

After then, the young actor gave an unpleasant gesture by throwing dirty fingers at Alden’s photo.

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral. Alden’s fans showed their relentless support to Alden Richards by bashing Juancho.

This ultimately caught the attention of GMA Network and released a statement that they will handle the said issue internally. Alden is one of GMA’s most prized actor, not just because he is popular but also he’s very professional and kind.

Alden is a good example of today’s generation of young actors. Despite being very popular, he remains humble and kind-hearted. One of the important traits missing on other young artists today.

By “handling the said issue”, GMA Network probably decided to suspend Juancho. This is not yet confirmed, but it can be noticed that Juancho was missing on the recent Unang Hirit and Bubble Gang episode. He also tweeted an apology to Alden, but immediately deactivated his Twitter account afterward. He also turned off commenting on his Instagram.

Juancho’s friend already deleted the video. Juancho might want to reconsider his choice of friends if they’re that willing to put his career at risk by uploading such videos.

Alden, on the other hand, despite all the hate, has not made any negative reaction and remained calm and modest. He already saw the video last Sunday and Juancho already apologized for his bad actions.

For Alden, the video and dirty fingers are no big deal.



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