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THE NEW CRUSH NG BAYAN: Jillian Ward blossoms into a ravishing teeny bopper

  • Former “Trudis Liit” star Jillian Ward shocked everyone with her transformation.
  • The 13-year old actress-singer is the new ‘Crush Ng Bayan.’

Everyone has to go through the stage of puberty, no matter how awkward and annoying it can be in the process. However, it seems that the former “Trudis Liit” star Jillian Ward gracefully handled the pubescence.

The 13-year singer-actress is considered as the newest eye candy on Instagram. With her no make-up look, Jillian still look captivating with her angelic face and contagious smiles.

Jillian swiftly left her cute image to ravishing teeny-booper who can be the next breed of leading lady in movies and television. Netizens raved about the natural beauty of the Filipina-American actress that definitely stand out among other actresses of her age.

Here are some of her Instagram photos that could gazed you in awe:

“I wanna play dyesebel one day. What do you think?”

Why not, Jillian? You could be the most beautiful mermaid in history.

“Le temps passe.”

Yes Jillian, time flies so fast. Look at you.

“Malabo. #smile.”

It’s crystal clear, dear. You are really beautiful.

“Happy Women’s Day!!”

Look at that face! We can not wait to see you on your 18th birthday.

“Iridscent (btw I look so tan here I like it lol)”

Belle, is that you?

Jillian, you are a living doll. Are you aware of that?

Meanwhile, Jillian can be seen regularly every Sunday on fantasy-drama anthology “Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko.” She also starred on various GMA Network’s TV series like “Poor Señorita,” “Sa Piling Ni Nanay,” and “Super Ma’am.”

With her beauty and talent, there is no doubt that few years from now, Jillian can be the next big star of Philippine showbiz.

Goodluck, Trudis Liit!

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