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Reasons why Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio’s “Almost A Love Story” flopped in the Box Office

  • Cinemas stopped showing Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio’s movie
  • Barbie was saddened by this news since many of her fans have not yet seen the movie
  • We’ve enlisted the reasons why this movie met a tragic end

Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio’s movie did not survive the big screen and was easily removed from the cinemas.

Barbie was somehow broken-hearted because many of her fans wished to watch the movie, but the cinemas decided to remove it from the list of showing since they did not sell very well. It’s a shame but that’s the truth when making movies.

Here are some of the probable reasons why Barbie and Derrick’s movie were removed.

Earnings are not enough to pay the Cinema Utilities

A cinema is a business. In order to run a business, it needs to have a sustainable source of income to support its expenses.

However, in this case, the movie did not sell very well that playing it on the big screen is just a waste of electricity, manpower, and time.

When the cinemas could not expect to gain, they will immediately remove it and replace it with another movie to recover from the loss. If producers have high hopes that the movie will gain eventually, they should’ve committed to answering the cinema’s expenses to keep the movie.

Poor Endorsement

The movie was highly anticipated by fans, but not the masses. Most people don’t even know that the movie existed until they were displayed in the lists of “Now Showing.”

The poor endorsement is also the cause of downfall for this movie.

The management and producers should’ve at least advertised on big billboards or even put extra efforts in promoting the movie through mall tours. Sadly, they only aired it on their network and only (very) few blogs talk about them.

So, fans of that movie and non-viewers of the network would not know about the movie.

Bad Chemistry

Chemistry is important. People would flock if they see great chemistry in the photo even not knowing who the artists are. In this case, Barbie Forteza looks like an innocent child while Derrick Monasterio already looks like an adult sexy actor.

It’s a sad story for both Barbie and Derrick. Although, all good things come from bad experiences. This one is a lesson learned for both artists and movie producers.

The lead actor has so much belief on his movie

Minsan ‘wag masyadong magbuhat ng sariling bangko. Right Derrick?


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