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BLIND ITEM: Not a family affair after all

A wedding is usually a joyous occasion, with the happy couple basking in the warmth and well wishes of friends and family. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for this celebrity couple due to tie the knot very soon.

The celebrity pair is no strangers to controversy, from the time they got together (supposedly while the groom was still with his former girlfriend of several years then) up to a pre-wedding photo shoot. And it looks like their wedding will be raising a few eyebrows as well.

The groom’s parents will not be attending the wedding supposedly due to health reasons, at least that’s what the couple have been telling people. A very reliable source told us that the parents were actually surprised that a date had already been set for their son’s wedding.

Worse, they learned that the young couple had been telling media and friends that they were too ill to travel and that their doctors would not permit them to take the hours-long plane ride to the destination wedding. While they had some medical issues, the older couple could travel with some precautions.

Concerned family and friends were calling them up thinking that their health had deteriorated to the point they could not attend this milestone in their child’s life.

Though upset with the situation, the groom’s parents decided to remain mum out of love for their son.

Barely a month before the nuptials, the groom had a change of heart as he tearfully called up his parents to ask them to come to the wedding. The groom’s parents could not promise that they could come given that they now had little time to prepare for the unexpected long trip. Whether or not the couple would be there to witness their son’s wedding is still up in the air.

Another figure who will be absent from the nuptials is the bride’s grandmother who was apparently not invited to the wedding either. The grandmother found out that a date for the wedding was already set when friends and family began calling her, hoping to meet up with her at the said event.

The grandmother had taken care of the bride ever since the age of nine after the latter’s mother left them and their father for another man. The grandmother raised the bride and her two siblings, even driving and accompanying the bride to her commercial auditions and VTRs and eventually her show tapings. So to not be invited to the wedding or even be acknowledged for the role she played in her granddaughter’s life was a very big emotional blow.

The bride’s mother was supposedly the one tasked to invite relatives to the wedding. Considering the animosity between her and her former mother-in-law, it’s no wonder the grandmother was not on the guest list.

Will there be any last minute changes to the guest list? That remains to be seen. Considering a wedding is an important event in one’s life, many are hoping that the couple and their loved ones can be together at this very special moment.

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