10 Reasons Why Everyone’s Head Over Heels For JoshLia

  • Everyone’s been talking about the phenomenal love team of Joshlia.
  • What exactly makes their pair so adorable and irresistible? Let’s find out.

One of the biggest surprises of 2016 was the breakout love team of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, more popularly known as JoshLia. They shot to prominence after their first movie together under Theodore Boborol entitled “Vince & Kath & James”. The film, based on the viral social-serye, Vince & Kath, written by Queen Elly, was Star Cinema’s official entry to 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival. It was a critical and commercial hit, and it paved way for the phenomenal love team’s rise to stardom.

Last year, they owned the Philippine cinema scene after their two blockbuster hits, Antoinette Jadaone’s tearjerker “Love You to the Stars and Back” and Cathy Garcia-Molina’s romcom “Unexpectedly Yours”. And this 2018, they will return to the big screen in another much-awaited romcom. This just proves that everyone has fallen in love with these two.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone’s Head Over Heels For JoshLia!

10. They’re viral!

Last year, they went viral after Joshua’s sweet proposal to Julia to be his date to the Star Magic Ball 2017. He even hired a choir to sing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” while they held up letters that spelled, “Will ü be my date?” It was a lovely scene right out of the movies.

9. Their chemistry is genuine.

Joshua and Julia are not afraid to show how they feel to one another.  No wonder a lot of us believe that every girl deserves a Joshua Garcia!

8. They’re both independent and can stand on their own.

Unlike most love teams that rely on the pairing of their stars to remain relevant and popular, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto have their own careers. And both of them are doing so well, even if they’re not being paired together. Last year, Julia starred in “A Love to Last” while Joshua starred in “The Good Son” and “The Greatest Love”.

7. They look good together, that’s why lots of magazines are featuring them in their covers like METRO.

6. They’ve worked with the best actors and directors in the industry, from award-winning directors like Antoinette Jadaone and Cathy Garcia-Molina, to showbiz icons like Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla.

5. They’re both very talented. No wonder both of them has received recognition for their acting.

Joshua Garcia was hailed as the Most Promising Movie Actor of the Year award at the 48th Box Office Entertainment Awards and the New Movie Actor of the Year award from the 33rd PMPC Star Awards for Movies while his partner, Julia won as Best Film Actress at the 2017 Platinum Stallion Media Awards and became the Most Promising Movie Actress of the Year from the 48th Box Office Entertainment Awards.

The two of them were also awarded the German Moreno Power Tandem Award from the 31st PMPC Star Awards for Television.

4. They’re box-office magnets.

From “Vince & Kath & James”, “Love You to the Stars and Back” and “Unexpectedly Yours”, all their movies are a box-office success. It is no doubt that they’re already one of the country’s biggest box-office icons!

“Hello world! My name is Mason” Video from @juliabarretto’s Instagram.

3. They already have a baby!

Julia recently introduced their “baby” to the world, an adorable white Maltese puppy that they named Mason. The adorable puppy was given to her by Joshua and since then, they called themselves Mason’s Mama and Papa. How cute is that?

2. They don’t need words to define their relationship. Just look at how they treat each other!

Based on some reports, Joshua and Julia are already a couple, although they chose to keep the real score between them for now. But one thing’s for sure, Joshua has admitted to the press that he’s courting his on-screen partner.

1. Joshua and Julia both want to inspire fans to appreciate people for who they really are.

They both wanted people to accept everyone for their own flaws because no one is perfect. Each and every one of us is different, and that what makes us different makes us special.

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