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Luis Manzano argues with netizen about his alleged offensive jokes towards Bayani Agbayani

  • Luis Manzano recently argued with a netizen regarding his offensive jokes regarding Bayani Agbayani’s imperfection.
  • The netizen said that Luis’ offensive jokes on I Can See Your Voice is intolerable.
  • Luis responded that they are the only one who felt that way. 

Luis Manzano recently had an argument with a netizen on Twitter. The said netizen pointed out Luis’ jokes towards Bayani Agbayani in their show I Can See Your Voice. Luis hosts the said show while Bayani serves as one of the panel or Singvestigator. However, the said netizen (@aerdnawamilah) didn’t note which episode she found the “offensive” joke. As of this writing, the netizen already converted their account into a private one to avoid harsh comments from others.

@aerdnawamilah wrote in the tweet that they had to point it out. They, then, continued that they couldn’t tolerate Luis’ actions on the show. The netizen also wrote that they had to tag Luis and won’t apologize for their statements. They, then, wrote that Luis continues his offensive jokes on I Can See Your Voice.

“I have to point this out. This is not me being politically correct This is me pointing out how intolerable the actions of this celebrity are. @luckymanzano I’m sorry that I have to tag you, but I’m not going to be sorry what I’m about to say. This is a thread. Hindi ako si Bayani pero nakaka-offend na talaga ang mga ‘jokes’ mo as the I Can See Your Voice host. They’re not funny anymore with your patronizing tone that is already degrading. It’s always about his grammar, his lack of fluency in the English language, and his looks.”

Luis responded that the said netizen is the only one to feels like it. He also wrote that the said netizen may be on a high pedestal or may be as fragile as a snowflake and that the netizen should enjoy their life rather than wallow in negative.

“You’re the only one with these comments and sees it this way, that must be a high pedestal you are on or you must be a fragile snowflakes. Relax J talk to friends and family, leave the house and enjoy life!:)… If all you saw/heard were the ‘pronounciations and grammar mistakes’ then everything just flew past your head. Maybe you should do a mirror check and ask why you choose to notice these things and feel that negativity right away.”

The said netizen posted about Luis’ insults towards Bayani and also wrote that producers let Luis get away with it. It was noted that Bayani remains one of the Filipino who experience bullying due to his imperfections.

“Don’t even make an excuse that It’s required for your job as a host. It’s hard to believe that a producer or the director of the show told you to offend and insult Bayani all throughout the show. He’s a sentient being. One of the Filipinos who are bullied for their imperfections.”

Luis also responded that if they get offended by his jokes, they shouldn’t watch television or have an internet connection.

“Actually it’s not about the grammar, it is more of the ideas he comes up with and how he pulls ideas/answers out of nowhere with little to no connection to the original question. If these things offend you, I highly doubt you should have a tv pr internet connection.”


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