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Michela Cazzola responds to netizen asking her tell James Yap to provide for Bimby Aquino

  • A netizen asked Michela Cazzola to tell James Yap to provide for Bimby Aquino.
  • Michela responded to the netizen.
  • She also clapped back with cryptic replies. 

Michela Cazzola recently responded to a netizen who asked her to tell James Yap to provide for his first son, Bimby Aquino. She relayed that minding her own business may be the most appropriate thing to do.

She continued that the reality remains complex and she doesn’t want to judge anyone.

Michela recently posted a photo of her, James and their little son on Instagram.

“Sunny morning 😍”

In the comments section, one netizen asked Michela to tell James to provide for Bimby.

“Michela we know you’re a decent classy and kind lady why don’t you tell james to provide for bimby’s needs, it’s in the Law.

Michela responded that she minds her own business.

“I mind my business and so should you, don’t you think that would be the most appropriate thing to do?”

The said netizen also pointed out that James’ reputation is at risk.

“it’s the reputation of your partner and the father of your kids and also james’s Dignity that’s being question in here but…. Whatever”

Michela responded a cryptic reply.

“it’s the perception you created in your mind, it’s not necessarily the reality.”

The netizen commended Michela on her answer. They wished Michela’s response to be on the news as James’ name remains vulnerable. They also expressed their gratitude on Michela’s response to them.

“love your answer. hope this will also be in the news because let’s admit james’s name is destroyed right now, thanks for your understanding and clarification, I don’t care other people’s replies in here, thanks for your response to me”

Michela noted than nothing will be newsworthy from her. She also remarked that she doesn’t want to judge people.

“actually nothing newsworthy from me, am just saying that reality is complex in general, and I don’t like to judge people. Who are we to judge?”


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