#PALABANgela: Bela Padilla slams a judgmental netizen regarding Siargao trash situation

  • Bela Padilla and Maris Racal recently went to Siargao.
  • They volunteered to pick up trash which surrounded the island.
  • Bela slammed a netizen who left a negative comment about her and Maris.

When 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival Siargao became available in cinemas, many Filipinos almost immediately flew to the island to experience its beauty. However, the public had started to diminish and deteriorate its beauty.

The population of visitors, then, resulted in the overflowing pollution of rubbish they had produced.

Wanting to preserve its beauty and cleanliness, Bela Padilla and Maris Racal volunteered to do something about the situation. They picked up garbage which surrounded the island.

However, Bela and Maris didn’t post their good deeds on their own social media accounts. Although, Kermit Surf Resort in Siargao tagged them in a photo on Instagram.

Bela and Maris wore matching shirts as they picked up trash along the island. The said Instagram post also read:

“Happy Easter Siargao 🤙🏽🇵🇭🙏🏾
Today everybody going to the beach, please pickup (at least) your trash and leave only footprint on the sand.
We only have one 🌏.”

However, a netizen left a comment which didn’t sit well with Bela. Obviously judging their appearance, the said comment stated that he couldn’t see Maris and Bela picking up garbage.

“I don’t believe the two girls in the middle will ever pick up trash”

The social media manager of the said resort also defended the two actresses.

“@honolulujohn they did for almost 1km of beach stretch. They are very concerned about Siargao Trash situation. And they want to help!”

Bela slammed the said netizen but placing a laughing emoji at the end of the statement.

“@honolulujohn we picked up more trash than you did for sure! :)”

BURN BABY BURN!!! Don’t you dare mess with Bela!



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