Rogue March-April 2018: The Art & Travel Issue

  • Rogue March-April 2018: The Art & Travel Issue
  • ROGUE Magazine’s March-April 2018 Art & Travel Issue Featuring Isabel Sicat and Aiala Rickard is out on newsstands.



The Last Days of Disco

With the release of their debut clothing collection at the inaugural Manila Biennale, designers Isabel Sicat and Aiala Rickard are tearing up the scene like a dance floor. Sam Potenciano attempts to keep up.


Say My Name

Everyone seems to be an artist these days—and in the vast scene stretched over every corner of Metro Manila, it’s gotten harder to rise above the crowd. These young artists, however, are carving out their own spaces and on their own terms.


Act of Faith

By confronting the climate of the martial law era, Ishmael Bernal and Ricky Lee’s legendary 1982 film Himala helped bring to public consciousness questions of belief, identity, and authority. Now, 36 years later, several artists are bringing Filipinos back to the town of Cupang at a time we need it most. Emil Hofileña speaks to the architects of the film’s latest revival to discover how they created the quintessential theater experience.

Forget Me Not

Known for possessing one of the most prized private collections of Philippine and European art, Dr. Eleuterio “Teyet” Pascual’s legacy lives on as captured through the lens of his grandnephew, BJ Pascual.

Only Yesterday

As the weather gets warmer and the sun gets brighter, stepping out in this season’s luxury casualwear is the perfect way to spend the long, slow days.

Phantom Thread

In an era where every thing is political, what then separates Pio Abad’s work from the rest? A unique interpretation of history, for one, as the London-based artist talks to Carina Santos about the criticism that his work is luxury, contextualizing his political upbringing, and why it gets boring spending too much time thinking about Imelda

Home is a Blank Canvas

After skyrocketing to the top of the country’s art scene, acclaimed artist Charles Buenconsejo packed his bags and left for greener pastures. Here, he documents his newly adopted home in New Zealand and the struggle to find a better life.


Philbert Dy ponders over the flaws and potential growth in our local grant-giving film festival system; Mariah Reodica takes to the streets of Berlin to trace David Bowie’s footsteps in the making of the best work of his career; Jacs Sampayan recounts first encounters and unexpected affairs.



For graphic designer Oliver Munday, all art is political and no amount of scrutiny should be spared; Modelab curators Claudia Arozqueta and Rodrigo Azaola display art outside the white cube at the Manila Biennale; frozen in time under the shadow of one of Hong Kong’s busiest expressways, the abandoned Ma Wan village is a postcard
to its not-so-distant past.



Forty years since its rise in the Marcos era, we revisit Leandro Locsin’s Brutalist magnum opus as an architectural marvel; a new wave of small, unconventional luxury hotels makes a new case for visiting the Eternal City of Rome; Paul Teutul, Sr. touches down in Manila with to custom-built rides brimming with Orange County Choppers’ signature flair.



Tucked into a quiet corner a few steps from the Seine, Musée Yves Saint Laurent reads like an intimate leter to the Parisian couturier; John Lobb takes its 150-year heritage of excellent shoemaking to Manila; Magnus McGlashan tells us how the safest bag in the world was born from a travel nightmare.

Experiencing the unique lifestyle Filigree’s Botanika offers

Metro.Style, Quadx launch “Signed, Sold, Delivered” for the benefit of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation