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Take Wisdom from the Unnies and Find Out Which Iconic K-Drama Woman Are You

  • Female K-Drama fanatics sure knows every character in their favorite series
  • Each “Unnie” or female lead show unique wisdom that every woman should apply in their lives

Any K-Drama addict would agree that one, two, or even three episodes are not enough when streaming their favorite series online. Binge-watching always take them until midnight, sometimes exceeds, because the story is just so good and compelling. It happens, we know, because you’re not alone!

As convicted “binge-watchers” of K-Drama, we know you’ve heard about Viu. This free online streaming site features almost ALL of your heart’s needs when it comes to Korean shows. Aside from the leading series today, they also made other Asian works available to their audience. Name it, a movie from Japan or Hongkong, they’ve got it.

Most fanatics are women, as they are naturally more affectionate and receptive to love stories and emotional scenes. In celebration of the International Women’s Month, we would like to get close to you girls. What better way to relate than talk about your favorite stuff? K-Drama is almost every woman’s common ground. Discussions about who’s more handsome than who and whose plot is better than which could take them forever!

Viu focuses on K-Drama not just because it’s the most in-demand, but because they know quality once they’ve witnessed one.

Take a break from your watching marathon and give a moment to appreciate the women of Asia, who each portray something beautiful and one-of-a-kind, represented by the top K-Drama female characters of today’s hit series.


1. Chae Soo Bin of I am Not A Robot 

(Click here to watch a preview of the series)

Chae Soo Bin is The Dreamer. Why you ask? Amidst her crisis in the family, she never took that hindrance as an obstacle for her to reach for her dreams. That, we believe, is an exceptional woman.

Remember this scene from season 9? She looks too lovely, right?


2. Han Hyo Joo of W (Two Worlds)

(Click here to watch a preview of the series)

Han Hyoo Joo can best be described as The Compassionate one. Her bravery totally gave it to her character and made her unforgettable. The moment she saves Lee Jong-Suk without hesitation showed that she puts others in the forefront.

We can’t help but root for her here:


3. Kim Ji Won of Fight for My Way

(Click here to watch a preview of the series)

Kim Ji Won comes with the name, The Fighter. She was a best friend of many but a fighter of life. She has stumbled upon several obstacles, but she still remained strong and fought for her dreams.

4. Joy of Tempted (The Great Tempter)

(Click here to watch a preview of the series)

The Innocent One: Although there were several temptations in her life, she still remained innocent from all these.

Just take a look at this and you’re welcome!

Last but not the least…

5. Song Hye Kyo of Descendants of the Sun

(Click here to watch a preview of the series)

We all loved her for being like this. Song Hye Kyo was our #Goals as The Strong-Willed. Of course, who would’ve been stronger than Song Hye Kyo from DOTS. She chose to leave the man of his dreams when she knew it would come in the way in both their careers.

So, which of these equally wonderful girls best resonate you? We know, we know, all these flashbacks make you want to re-watch them all. No one’s stopping you though, Viu is just waiting for you online, free and easy to access. 


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