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Xian Gaza surrenders to police; claims bankruptcy

  • Xian Gaza scammed two investors, Jaime Asuncion and Melinda Cruz.
  • He also violated the Anti-Bouncing Checks Law.
  • Apparently, Jaime and Melinda invested in Xian’s coffee shop. 

Xian Gaza allegedly scammed two investors, Jaime Asuncion and Melinda Cruz. Jaime and Melinda also talked to DZMM’s Lingkod Kapamilya when Xian went missing in action. Xian had violated the Anti-Bouncing Checks Law.

Melinda stated that the viral suitor owed her Php 2 million with Php 20, 000 monthly interest for the alleged coffee shop that he wanted to put up. Melinda also added that Xian only paid for the first five months and has disappeared.

Jamie also became Xian’s first victim. He revealed that he became Xian’s first investor in the said coffee shop. However, he did not pay him Php 1 million. Jamie and Melinda reached out to Xian for him to face the cast. When Xian found out that authorities started to look for him, he started to post news about it on his Facebook account.

Xian surrendered to authorities on April 12, Thursday to face the case against him and faced his former investors Jaime and Melinda. He apologized to Jaime and Melinda as he couldn’t pay them back. Xian also revealed that he is currently bankrupt.

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