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Yong Chavez shares painful experience on cancelled interview with Sarah Geronimo

  • Yong Chavez recently asked Sarah Geronimo’s fans to send in questions they would like to ask her.
  • However, she recently apologized as she failed to interview the Popstar Royalty.
  • She took to Twitter to share her experience on the said canceled interview.

ABS-CBN Corporation’s Hollywood correspondent Yong Chavez recently took to Twitter to ask Sarah Geronimo’s fans what questions would they like to ask the singing sensation.

However, in a quick turn of events, the interview was canceled. She took to Twitter to apologize to fans for failing to interview Sarah.

Yong also remarked that she waited for four hours and canceled the interview at the last minute. She noted how she never experienced this before as a Hollywood correspondent and a TV reporter.

“I’m so sorry, Sarah fans. I waited for almost 4 hours for an interview scheduled by the producer but at the last minute, her team canceled it. I’m so bummed about this. I’ve never experienced this before. Heartbroken but I wish her & you all the best.”

Sarah was able to do a quick greeting. However, she was unable to stay for an interview.

“She just did a quick greeting but no interview that I can use for news so I have no story.”

Yong also expressed her gratitude to Sarah’s fans. She continued her observations during the concert. She also pointed out how this may have just been a mishap.

“Anyway, move on. Thank you again, dear Sarah fans. From what I saw sa concert she’s a wonderful person and unquestionably talented so I’m sure this was just a mishap.”

Although she usually interviews Hollywood stars, Yong hoped Sarah’s fans would enjoy watching other Kapamilya stars. She also added a link that they may watch and enjoy.

“Hopefully makabawi ako with your other favorites. Although I mostly interview Hollywood stars, I’ve had no problem naman interviewing our other talents, like LizQuen which their fans liked.”

One netizen asked whether Sarah was informed of the interview. They also noted that she may not know about the said interview as she greeted everyone then, left. It may be Viva’s lapse as they didn’t do their job on accommodating Yong for her interview with Sarah.

“Was she informed that there will be an interview? Mukhang wala syang alam eh. The fact that she greeted everyone before leaving shows that she doesn’t have a clue. I think viva must explain their side. Accomodating you for an interview with her is part of their job.”

Yong assured the netizen that Sarah or the production staff may have their own reason. However, she just felt sad that she became the collateral damage. She commended on how wonderful Sarah’s fans remain to be.

“I’m sure she/they have a reason. It’s just unfortunate that I’m collateral damage. Sayang time 😢. But you guys have been wonderful.”

Although the interview didn’t push though, a netizen expressed their gratitude on being able to be given the opportunity to ask questions.

“i’m so sorry that this happened 😔 but thank you for giving us an opportunity to ask questions ✨

Yong tried to ask questions for the fans’ sake. However, Sarah walked away. She also noted that she was tired and hungry from waiting for four hours. It was her first experience and Yong also couldn’t believe it as Sarah’s fans remain kind to her.

“I tried to ask but she walked away na eh 😢. I’m so bummed and tired and hungry haha. Four hours! I’ve interviewed so many artists na but this is a first. What a pity kasi ang babait ninyong mga fans nya. ❤️

Another netizen also pointed out that Sarah usually goes on interviews before the concert.

“Miss Yong, I’ve been to a lot of Sarah’s concert here in the US. Usually yung interview po nIa ay sa meet and greet. Tapos na po m&g last night. Kung di naman po ay schedule thru her RM on the day of the concert. Bound to San Diego po kasi sila dahil concert ulit tomorrow.”

Yong shared her feeling of surprised when they scheduled the interview at the end. She also noted that the scheduling was not her call.

“Yeah. That’s why I was surprised too that prod scheduled the (short) interview sa end. I requested before show pero they scheduled sa end. Not my call eh.”

One netizen remarked that Sarah may be tired.

“uhmmm…Mukang di alam ni Sarah.Cyempre pagod na at lhat binabati ny nlng.”

Yong also agreed to their sentiments. She expressed her surprised once again on having the interview scheduled after the concert.

“Yeah. Kawawa nga din. That’s why I was surprised din why the prod said my interview was scheduled at end. Anyway: the show was successful so that’s great.”

Another netizen also noted that Yong may have spoken to a person who wasn’t actually one of the production staff.

“I don’t think na kasalanan yan ni sarah. Baka naman kc yung kinausap mo eh hindi talaga isa sa mga staff ng prod.”

Yong agreed and remarked that she won’t go to an event if she didn’t receive an official invite.

“I don’t think it’s her fault either. But I won’t go there if not invited by producer (Vic). I report for ABS shows eh kaya legit yung invite. We’ve covered the prod’s many other shows. It’s also a painful mystery to me why it happened.”



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