BY THE NUMBERS: AGB Nielsen, Kantar Media TV Ratings for April 2018, who gets the lead?

  • As usual, ABS-CBN and GMA Network are claiming leads in TV ratings based on their own ratings provider
  • AGB Nielsen’s NUTAM obviously gets data from selected urban areas only
  • While Kantar Media proudly measures data from both Urban and Rural areas in the Philippines

TV ratings for the month of April 2018 are out and the network war is still hot.

Based on the latest releases from two Philippine TV rating providers, AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media, both TV networks, ABS-CBN and GMA network claimed ratings lead.

AGB Nielsen NUTAM People (Selected Urban Areas Only)

GMA Network again registered lead in NUTAM People ratings beating ABS-CBN by 1.1% at 39.7% vs 38.6% respectively.

The Kapuso network also claimed win in viewer-rich Mega Manila, 45.8% vs 30.5% or a margin of 15.3%. Urban Luzon also proved to be a Kapuso territory in AGB’s numbers as GMA Network leads ABS-CBN, 44.2% vs 33.2%. Visayas and Mindanao which is a known bailiwick of the Kapamilya network didn’t report ratings number.

GMA Network’s NUTAM lead was attributed to its lead in morning and afternoon programming blocks.

For the morning block, GMA Network scored 37.9%, 4.5% higher than ABS-CBN. Afternoon programming lead also went to GMA Network as it registered a rating of 41.6%, 3.8% higher than the Kapamilya. Meanwhile, no report on primetime block was given hinting at unimpressive numbers compared to its rival.

Meanwhile, Kapuso magazine show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS)” ranked first as the most-watched TV program in April. It was followed by “Kambal, Karibal”, “Magpakailanman”, “Pepito Manaloto”, and “24 Oras” to complete the top 5.

Kantar Media National TV Ratings (Measuring Urban and Rural Areas in the Philippines)

While GMA Network claimed April 2018 win in AGB Nielsen NUTAM ratings, ABS-CBN continues to dominate the nationwide ratings as per Kantar Media.

The Kapamilya network comfortably led GMA network by 12% at 45% vs 33% ratings.

ABS-CBN also won evert geographical areas where Kantar Media is present.

In Metro Manila, ABS-CBN posted a full month average of 42.0% vs GMA networks 25.0%. Luzon also went to ABS-CBN with 41.0% against GMA Network’s 35.0%. And as expected Kapamilya bailiwicks Visayas and Mindanao didn’t fail to deliver as ABS-CBN slain its rival. Visayas recorded a full month average of 54.0% vs 26.05 in favor of Kapamilya and 51.0% vs 29.05 in Mindanao.

All programming blocks were also dominated by ABS-CBN. Morning block gave the Kapamilya 3% lead at 35.0% vs 32.0%. Noontime also favored Kapamilya 45.0% vs 33% and afternoon at 43.0% vs 35.0%.

ABS-CBN’s win is more compelling in primetime as it crushes GMA Networked by 18% at 50% vs 32.0%.

Kapamilya’s long-running action-drama teleserye “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (41.0%)” continues to hold on to the top spot of April rankings followed by “Pilipinas Got Talent (36.9%), “Bagani” (33.2%), “TV Patrol” (28.8%), “MMK” (27.6%), “Wansapanataym” (27.5%), “Home Sweetie Home” (24.5%), “The Good Son” and “Since I Found You” (20.6%), and “Rated K” (20.1%).

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