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Be like your favorite NBA Superstar with Shopee

  • Be like your favorite NBA Superstar with Shopee
  • Shopee shares top 5 tips on how you can be like your favorite basketball star

It’s the NBA season! Filipino basketball fans are on their toes cheering for their respective NBA team. Though some might just be happy with cheering, others aspire to be part of famous basketball associations one day.

However, we all know just how intense the off-season training sessions of our favorite NBA players are, so Shopee is here to share five tips to help you be just like your favorite basketball star!

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  • Boost your protein

Eating a high amount of protein often goes hand in hand with having an active lifestyle. As an important building block of your whole body, your body and muscles use protein to repair tissues and provide energy. Shopee offers the best deals on health and weight supplements that will help your body get the most needed energy. Fuel your body!



  • Push your limits


You are stronger than you think. Staying in your comfort zone is not the key to achieving your goals. Shopee offers a speed training chute that can help every aspiring basketball player build those muscles and run faster. Get up and test your limits!



  • Gear up


Start your training by dressing the part. Get yourself a brand new basketball jersey, knee and ankle pads, socks and training shoes to help you play like a star athlete on the court! Choose from a wide variety of sports gear available on Shopee to improve your game and protect yourself from injuries.



  • Track your steps


It is important for athletes to keep track of their training routine so that they can keep their body in the best condition. Athletes usually use a fitness tracker to help track their steps, calories burned, distance travelled, and  heart rate. Get yourself a smartwatch that can help you keep up-to-date with your health and weight. Shopee features hundreds of affordable and top-of-the-class fitness trackers for you to choose from.



  • Practice! Practice! Practice!


Every great point guard in the NBA trains extra hard on their dribbling skills. Master your ball handling and dribbling skills to be at the top of your game. Get yourself a brand new basketball from Spalding’s official store on Shopee for the best deals.  


Shopee is also celebrating the NBA season with its Sports Week campaign from June 1 – 5, offering great deals from its Sports category. Sports fans can look forward to getting discounts on items such as health supplements, fitness trackers, sports equipment, and apparel.

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