Derek Ramsay considers his return to ABS-CBN as “pretty intense”

  • Derek Ramsay stars in Kasal with Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino.
  • He also started to make movies which could indicate his ABS-CBN Corporation comeback.
  • He will use the time during a vacation in thinking about his comeback 

Derek Ramsay recently starred in a movie Kasal with Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino. He also recently faced entertainment media in the press conference of the said movie.

He left ABS-CBN Corporation in 2012 and transferred to TV5. However, he starred in a movie Ex with Benefits with his home network in 2015.

“I’m still soaking it all in and it’s pretty intense..”

Will making movies with Star Cinema indicates his ABS-CBN comeback?

Derek also shared that he wanted to take baby steps at a time. He’s still soaking up the excitement. He also acknowledged that his contract with TV5 had already expired. Derek revealed that he will have another Star Cinema movie soon and will start filming in June.

“I’m taking baby steps at a time. I’m soaking it all, the excitement and the blessings I’ve been given. You know, my contract with the other network just expired, and here I am doing a movie with Star Cinema. And I have another movie with them lined up already, we’re taping next month.”

After his promo for Kasal, Derek will take a vacation. He will also use the time to think about his next showbiz career move.

“After this movie, I’m gonna take a week or two just to soak in, like, everything that’s happening. It’s like a rollercoaster right now.”

Derek also gave credit to Malou Santos, former Star Cinema managing director for realizing his talent and strongly believed in him. He shared that he will never forget the opportunities she gave him.

Derek also admitted that he definitely would want to work with them again.

“You know, I’ve always said that ABS-CBN made me who I am and made me realize the talent that I have, especially Tita Malou. She strongly believed in me. I’ll never forget the works that she gave to me. So many people here that I missed, that I’ve worked with throughout the years—from teleseryes to movies. I definitely would want to work with them again.”

ABS-CBN comeback

Derek started to think about his ABS-CBN comeback.  He will focus on another movie after his vacation.

“After this film and this whole rollercoaster ride, I’m gonna take some time, like, just one week to gather it all in. Then, focus again in the new movie that’s going to happen. Then, I think, we’ll have a sit down and see what’s in store for me whether I do shows sa network.”



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