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Is Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres love team officially over?

  • Diego Loyzaga revealed Sofia Andres has a boyfriend
  • One netizen mentioned that Sofia’s boyfriend is a car racer
  • Diego posted a photo on Instagram with a girl who is alleged to be his girlfriend

Diego Loyzaga revealed recently that Sofia Andres already has a boyfriend. This could be hard for the fans since the two had a very good chemistry in “Pusong Ligaw” which concluded last January.

He mentioned in the comments section in one of his Instagram posts that Sofia has a boyfriend.

He also highlighted that there is nothing between him and Sofia and begged the netizens to end the idea and they are together someone else might get angry. He also stressed  that they shouldn’t label them as a love team.

It was on the same Instagram post where Diego had a feud with some of the netizens who insulted the girl in the photo. People are asking if the girl was Diego’s girlfriend, but he didn’t answer. Only, he did everything to defend the girl from haters.

We don’t know who Sofia’s boyfriend is, but one netizen mentioned that he is a car racer.

It is true that Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres have their own life outside showbiz, but we can’t deny they look good together on screen.


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