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James Reid likes Kathryn Bernardo’s birthday message to Daniel Padilla on Instagram

  • Kathryn Bernardo shares love message to boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, on Instagram.
  • James Reid also liked the said post.
  • Despite the constant comparison, they proved that there isn’t any rift or rivalry between them.

Kathryn Bernardo recently posted photos of her and boyfriend, Daniel Padilla during his birthday bash. She also attached a lengthy love message towards Daniel.

Proving there isn’t any rift or rivalry, James Reid liked Kathryn’s post on Instagram.

James and Daniel are the two young actors who have millions of fans in the country. They are both paired and in a relationship with two young women, Nadine and Kathryn.

Netizens constantly compared Nadine and Kathryn due to their looks and sense of fashion.

In the said Instagram post, Kathryn wrote a lengthy love message which read:

“Love always was and always will be incessant care, being there without being asked to, making fun of yet smiling at the other’s quirks, and feeling an ineffable comfort and sense of security that almost feels like home.”

As of this writing, the said post also already garnered more than 280, 000 likes.


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