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Is Jon Lucas planning to quit showbiz?

  • Jon Lucas tweeted about quitting the showbiz industry.
  • However, he added that people shouldn’t mind his last tweet.
  • Netizens expressed their opinion on Jon’s indecisiveness. 

Jon Lucas recently posted a tweet that insinuated that he would quit the industry. He also added another tweet that people shouldn’t mind his last tweet.

Netizens expressed their opinion in the comments section in an Insta Scoop post from Fashion PULIS.

In the first tweet, Jon wrote that he may quit the showbiz industry.

“about to quit the industry”

Jon then asked people not to mind his last tweet.

“don’t mind my last tweet”

Although Jon never pushed through quitting showbiz. In the comments section of the scoop, netizens expressed their opinion.

“Quit kung wala naman projects, maybe showbiz is not for you. Try working behind the scenes.”

Another netizen pointed out that Jon seemed to try asking for sympathy from his followers.

“He’s like: “I’m about to quit, pigilan niyo ko guys. Nagpapansin lang ako.””

A netizen also agreed that Jon may only be asking for attention.

“Korek. Papansin ang dating nya. Eh di mag-quit na sya. Keber. #ByeFelicia”

Another netizen remarked that nobody tried to stop him.

“Ang saklap, puro retweets at likes, mukhang wala man lang pumigil. Kaya siguro biglang bawi hahahahhaha”

One netizen also pointed out that the first thought usually remains the right one.

“Quit. Your first thought is usually the right thought.”

Another netizen remarked that Jon should learn how to trust himself more.

“I hope he takes your advice because it is the one that makes the most sense. He might learn to trust himself more and not doubt too much.”

One netizen pointed out how people were harsh on Jon. He may be seeking out help, advice and attention.

“People are too harsh these days. I think he’s seeking for some help/advice/attention just like anyone else who ain’t so sure of their career paths yet people choose to give nasty comments about him.”

Another netizen also noted that Jon shouldn’t have asked for help from social media.

“1:08 he should seek help from his close friends and family then. Not sa social media. Usually attention seeker lang ang gumagawa nyan”

One netizen also remarked that Jon should have asked for help and advice from family.

“Nag post sa socmed, dapat handa siya sa lahat ng response na makuha niya. Kung gusto niya ng maayos na advice dun siya sa pamilya niya magsabi.”

Another netizen also pointed out that it doesn’t justify others’ reaction on Jon’s posts. They also wished that others wouldn’t call him an attention seeker.

“still doesn’t justify being mean to someone. what if that “attention-seeking person” is suffering from depression and social media is his/her only outlet. People don’t have to be mean ‘cause we don’t know what each one of us is going through. *sigh*”


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