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Liza Soberano’s “Darna” rumored to have ₱200-M budget!

  • Erik Matti’s “Darna” movie is rumored to have a ₱200 million budget
  • He is proud of Liza having to perform her stunts without a double
  • “Darna” will be a movie about heart and humor

Erik Matti is preparing Liza Soberano for the upcoming big film project “Darna” which is highly anticipated since last year.

The movie “Darna” is also the reason why Liza Soberano is not seen very often in ABS-CBN primetime series “Bagani.” According to Erik Matti, the shooting is already in full swing.

Director Erik has high hopes in this movie. “The challenge now is to make a superhero film that’s appropriate for all the superhero films that have been coming out the past decade,” he explained. He also mentioned that they’re coming up with the superhero story. “With a lot of heart, with a bit of humor,” he added.

When asked if the rumor about the 200-M budget for the said movie, Erik Matti laughed and said he has no idea about that part. He is concealing his answers because he is not allowed to say the full details yet.

What he shared is that he is proud for Liza Soberano. He and Liza agreed that she will not be taking all stunts by herself and without a double. “Malakas ang loob ni Liza eh. Matapang,” the director said.

However, Liza is not the only one who undergone an intense physical training. The rest of the casts must do it.

In terms of budget, Erik admitted that they don’t have the right resources as Filipino directors. “Because di natin ma-afford sa resources, idinaan na lang sa pakenkoy, sa costume okay-okay na lang yan. Comedy naman eh,” he revealed.


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