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TWO FAILS IN A ROW: Is Jennylyn Mercado struggling to get back to the top?

  • Jennylyn Mercado stars in The Cure and used to star in My Love from the Star.
  • The Cure became Jennylyn’s second series which did not rate well.
  • Director Mark Reyes also thinks that The Cure shouldn’t have a long duration.

Jennylyn Mercado stars in GMA Network’s science fiction series, The Cure. She used to star in My Love from the Star. According to Jun Lalin’s article in Philstar, this will be Jennylyn’s second series which wouldn’t rate well. (READ: Director Joyce Bernal, not bothered over “My Love From The Star’s” low ratings)

The GMA Network also has a six-week policy. If a series doesn’t rate well in its first six weeks, the network will give another week. If the series still has yet to rate high, the network would dispatch the said series.

The Cure also became GMA Network’s ammunition against ABS-CBN Corporation’s FPJ’s Ang ProbinsyanoSuper Ma’am and Sherlock Jr. became GMA Network’s ammunition in the past against FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Although Super Ma’am had a lengthy run, it still ended quicker than the Kapamilya crime series.

Despite making it into the World Screen’s ‘Social Wit List’The Cure is still on the verge of getting the ax earlier than expected.

In an interview with during the series’ press conference, director Mark Reyes shared why he doesn’t think The Cure should have a long run.

“It’s one of the series na sabi ko, let’s not make it long. I think it should not have a long duration. If it does, it’s probably gonna be extended for a few more weeks, pero I don’t see it. Unless we are given the freedom to do what we want pa and give us the support talaga, we can extend this. Pero not as long as Enca (Encantadia), ito, we see an end to it.”

What will happen next to Jennylyn?


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