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BY THE NUMBERS: ABS-CBN and GMA NETWORK, who’s winning digital warfare?

Apart from the usual TV ratings war, Philippine’s network rivalry is now also available in Digital world.

The two competing networks are working hard to attract more digital audience through their different digital platforms.


And in this age of millennials where everything seemed to depend on the internet and digital contents, who’s winning in the network digital warfare?

Based on the latest data from the, ABS-CBN still commands the lead in most of the digital platforms available.

But GMA Network is catching up as it overtook ABS-CBN in one digital platform.


In video sharing platform Youtube, ABS-CBN leads by mile against rival GMA Network in terms of subscribers and number of views.

ABS-CBN has a total of 10,228,331 subscribers and 14,893,424,360 views compare to GMA Network’s 4,945,866 subscribers and  6,120,692,248 views.

In terms of their news department’s Youtube channel, ABS-CBN again won the competition with ABS-CBN News getting 3,966,589 subscribers and 3,090,377,982 views against GMA News’ 2,164,421 subscribers and 2,413,687,398 views.

ABS-CBN’s leadership on YouTube boosts ABS-CBN’s transition into being an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among all media companies, and a growing list of digital properties that appeal to a wide array of audiences.


Meanwhile, in microblogging platform Twitter, ABS-CBN again leads against rival GMA network.

ABS-CBN News Twitter account ranked a total of ABS-CBN news 5,854,486 followers while GMA News followed closely with  5,460,492 followers.


In the most widely used social media networking site in the country, Facebook, ABS-CBN still pulls ahead of its rivalry GMA Network.

ABS-CBN has already garnered 17,451,106 likes on their official Facebook page while GMA Network only has 16,681,845 likes.

With their news department’s Facebook account, ABS-CBN again lead with ABS-CBN News’ 15,114,006 likes compared to GMA News 12,212,978 likes.


While ABS-CBN captured, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, GMA Network avenged with Instagram.

The Kapuso network beats its rival ABS-CBN in this photo-sharing app with 944,170 followers, 15,758 followers more than ABS-CBN new’s Instagram account with 928,412 followers.

GMA News’s IG, on the other hand, controls 818,011 followers compared to ABS-CBN’s 684,299 followers.

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Written by Ron Mia

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