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Check out this Improved Vessel by FastCat: Ferry Fast, Ferry Safe, and Ferry Convenient

  • FastCat introduces new and improved cargo and passenger vessel
  • The vessel aims to deliver a very fast, very safe, and very convenient travel experience
  • In partnership with JAM Liner and Philtranco, FastCat enables one to experience convenient travel like never before

It’s more fun in the Philippines, but it’s even better when travelling with the improved vessel by FastCat.

FastCat added two brand new vessels to help all Filipinos and foreign tourists alike to explore the beauty of the Philippines without the added hustle of island transfer. This new vessel caters to both passenger and cargo shipments allowing inter-island connectivity fast and easy. Here are the reasons why FastCat is your first ferry option.

Heavy Duty but Fast

This new heavy-duty vessel can carry up to 34 cars and 7 trucks and buses easily without the expense of safety, balance, and speed. Very convenient for road travel whether bringing your own vehicle or ride on public utility buses such as JAM Liner and Philtranco. It can easily transport your vehicle from one island to the other while you sit and relax in their comfortable accommodations.

World-class Bridge

The bridge is modernized and fully-equipped with world-class technology and safe control maneuvers. The main bridge uses analog for better steering and monitors all activity within the radar area. It can even tell the name of the nearby vessel. Of course, all of these are useless without an experienced captain such as Captain Benito.

Safe, Comfortable and Convenient

The premium economy seats are already comfortable but wait until you see the business class area. You might want to grab those seats first because the price difference between the two is not that huge. Plus, you get to watch great shows or stare at the vast ocean through its big glass windows.

If you prefer the natural ocean breeze, you can choose to stay at the Sundeck above and feel the sun and salt touching your skin. More importantly, don’t miss to indulge in great delights and refreshing drinks at the cafeteria.

Unlike other ferry vessels, this new FastCat runs in four engines. Thus, in case one engine fails, three more can keep it rolling. It also has backup engines in case one machine breaks down. All operations are automated and controlled by a single push of a button.

Professional Crew

All the crew from customer service to engine staff are regularly trained to maintain high standards and professionalism. They’d be willing to lend a hand anytime and respond in a very professional manner. The Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation’s core values of being “Focused, Accountable, Safety Conscious, Team Player, Committed, and Attentive” directly reflects the crew.

Nationwide Route

FastCat is ready to take you anywhere from Luzon to Mindanao. It has strong alliance with JAM Liner and Philtranco and allows one to travel the Philippines with more convenience like never before. Moreover, FastCat aims to extend to up to 30 ships by 2020 to better serve the growing travel population.

Visit FastCat and JAM Liner official website for more information.


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