BY THE NUMBER: It’s Showtime’s reversal of fortune 3 years after

Weeks after and it’s still fresh how It’s Showtime managed to pull off a reversal of fortune.

With the much talked about and most viewed episode on its “Tawag Ng Tanghalan Huling Tapatan”, It’s Showtime was able to turn the tide on their favor, a feat seemingly impossible 3 years ago.

The rough year

In 2015, many have thought It’s Showtime will finally bid farewell after being crushed by noontime heavyweight Eat Bulaga!

With the popularity of the phenomenal AlDub and its KalyeSerye many believed that it was a done deal for the Kapamilya noontime show’s demise.

Almost everyone is convinced that the Kapamilya noontime show has finally sealed the last nail on their coffin.

During the “Tamang Panahon” concert at the Philippine Arena, Eat Bulaga! captured all fronts from social media trends, to TV ratings. It’s Showtime was nowhere near at that time that, they were even seemingly invisible from pinoy’s radar.

With the TV ratings of 40.1% vs 10.2% from Kantar.

and 50.8% vs 5.4% from AGB Nielsen, many people believed that the last curtain call for It’s Showtime is very near.

Even with the show of force of all Kapamilya popular loveteams KathNiel, JaDine and LizQuen to at least quell Eat Bulaga!’s uproar it still didn’t stop AlDub from pulling way ahead of the competition.

The show’s hosts even admitted defeat saying they’re already not in competition with their rival but merely wanted to work and make those who stayed and remained loyal to them happy.

Rumors of new shows that will replace It’s Showtime has been circling at that time because of the massive success of AlDub.

But the show and its hosts with the support of the management remained steadfast. They remain united in traversing the bumps and remained positive that they can manage to pull a comeback.

And they slowly did.

With the introduction of the classic Pinoy singing competition “Tawag Ng Tanghalan” to their stable of segments, the Kapamilya noontime show slowly managed to breathe life and stage a comeback.

On January 11, 2016, “It’s Showtime” finally regained the noontime timeslot 15.5% to 15.2% as per Kantar Media survey and on February 25, 2017 “It’s Showtime” finally took the top spot from Eat Bulaga on AGB Nielsen NUTAM with 16.7% to 15.1%.

3 Years after

Fast forward to 2018, It’s Showtime has finally reversed what it had failed 3 years ago.

Tawag Ng Tanghalan Season 2’s “Huling Tapatan” became the culmination of It’s Showtime’s career in noontime television.

The Kapamilya network noontime show completely reversed the wheel to crush its archrival Eat Bulaga!

On June 2, 2018, It’s Showtime lorded the noontime slot with almost all Pinoy viewers tuning in to them leaving the very little audience to its competition.

It’s Showtime registered a rating of 31.0% versus Eat Bulaga!’s 9.5% or a margin of 21.5%.

The whole week to the grand finale was also won by It’s Showtime making Eat Bulaga! insignificant.

Social media trends were also all for It’s Showtime, a feat Eat Bulaga! gained 3 years ago.

During Huling Tapatan, It’s Showtime dominated worldwide Twitter trends taking the top 3 spots.

Patience, perseverance, unity, and positivity really pays off.

With this reversal of fortune 3 years later, It’s Showtime proved that no amount of bashing, no amount of “death wish” will demoralize them to continue their work to make madlang people happy. And ultimately they proved that victory is not an easy climb because those that climbed too fast tend to fall fast and harder.

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