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Shanti Dope’s camp clarifies guest performance cancellation at Ex Battalion’s anniversary concert

  • Shanti Dope and his camp clarified the issue regarding his absence in Ex Battalion’s first-anniversary concert.
  • His camp also just ensured that Shanti won’t sacrifice his studies for his career.
  • They also slammed Jojo Gabinete’s article in where he pitted Shanti against other young rappers.

Shanti Dope’s camp clarified the issue regarding that he wouldn’t be guest appearing in Ex Battalion’s first-anniversary concert. The said concert, Kami Ang ExB, will hold at the Ynares Sports Arena on July 14, Saturday.

In a report from Jojo Gabinete’s in Cabinet Files, he wrote how Shanti may not guest appear due to some of the teen rapper’s condition.

Ex Battalion’s manager, Aiai delas Alas, confirmed that Shanti won’t be appearing in the first-anniversary concert.

Shanti’s manager, Thea Gomez-Pollisco, clarifies the issue

“This is in response to the article published in by Jojo Gabinete posted June 25 2018 pertaining to Shanti Dope’s participation in the anniversary concert of a hiphop collective slated for July 14. Mr. Gabinete’s article states: (1) that Shanti’s management did not want him to guest in the concert; (2) that Shanti’s management suggested a back-to-back concert instead; and (3) that Shanti’s management asked for a solo number for Shanti. These all point to the accusation that we think Shanti is now too big a star to be part of the said concert.”

The statement also pointed out that Shanti is a minor which contributes to the time they respond. They also wrote that Shanti is a student. This also meant that if Shanti would perform in the concert, he would have to take time off from school.

“These are all lies. We take time responding to invitations for Shanti primarily because he is a minor, which requires us to ask permission from his mother for any and all performances. Shanti is also a student, which means that when a commitment requires him to take time off from school, his mother will have to inform his teachers about his possible absence, and Shanti will have to promise that he will catch-up with missed lessons.”

The statement also noted that their camp never suggested a back-to-back concert. As a young artist, Shanti won’t be ready for that. They also wrote that their camp never requested for a solo number.

“Maybe concert organizers misread the amount of time we took making sure Shanti could do the concert and presumed this was about something else. We also never suggested a back-to-back concert—we know full well that as a young artist, Shanti is not ready for that. We also did not request for a solo number for Shanti—in fact, the invitation of concert organizers was always for three spot numbers, which we agreed to.”

The statement included that having an additional collaboration number remains hard to say yes to. They also pointed out that when they clarified this, concert organizers were the ones who said they would just cancel the said guesting.

“But on June 24, organizers suddenly requested for an additional collaboration number. This is not an easy request to say yes to because a collab means an additional day for rehearsals—a day that would mean Shanti will miss school, which means informing his mother, who will then inform his teachers about his absence. We informed the concert organizers of this, and they were the ones who said that they would just cancel Shanti’s guesting. Suffice it to say that this is not only unfair, it is also unprofessional.”

Shanti’s camp also added that the organizers canceled because their request cannot be fulfilled for a good reason. They also pointed the fault to the concert organizers.

“That day was already reserved for the concert, and the producers are canceling Shanti’s participation because their new request cannot be fulfilled for good reason. We repeat that a collab was never part of the original agreement with concert organizers. We have also since returned the downpayment for Shanti’s guesting in the concert, even as we shouldn’t be required to do that, especially since the cancellation of his performance is not our fault but the fault of concert organizers.”

The statement also pointed out Jojo Gabinete didn’t get Shanti’s side and his camp. They also slammed Jojo’s article in pitting Shanti to other young rappers.

“We have all our exchanges with concert organizers to back up our claims. It is unclear to us why Mr. Gabinete decided not to get our side on the matter of Shanti Dope’s participation in this concert. Isn’t it important to get two sides of a story, especially since this article puts an artist in such a bad light? Mr. Gabinete also ends his article by pitting Shanti against other young rappers, which is not only unfair but also unhealthy for the rap industry in general: there is enough space for each and every rapper in the music industry.”

Shanti’s camp will also stated that they won’t apologize for ensuring that the rapper won’t sacrifice his studies for his career.

“There is no need to put one artist down in order to give others a share of the spotlight. Lastly, we will never apologize for ensuring that Shanti Dope does not sacrifice his studies for his young music career. To us, it is clear what Shanti’s priorities should be.”


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