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10 Reasons Why “Victor Magtanggol” Could Be GMA Network’s Next Big Hit

  • Everyone’s already talking about GMA Network’s upcoming serye “Victor Magtanggol”.
  • We counted down the Top 10 Reasons Why “Victor Magtanggol” Could Potentially Be GMA Network’s Next Big Hit.

Everyone’s already talking about GMA Network’s most extravagant television series this year, “Victor Magtanggol”. The action fantasy show features the network’s biggest star, Alden Richards in the title role.Formerly titled “Mitho”, the series is set to premiere this July 2018 on the network’s Telebabad line-up.

GMA Network hopes that the series will be the ultimate weapon to end the reign of the Kapamilya action drama “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” in the Primetime slot.

But aside from this, the series has made waves all over the internet as claims of the show being a copy-cat of a Hollywood superhero surfaced recently. There were speculations that “Victor Magtanggol” was copied from the Marvel superhero Thor.

Because of this, people has gotten more curious of the said series as it’s premiere comes to a close. Who knows? Maybe this show could potentially be a tremendous success?

So we counted down the Top 10 Reasons Why “Victor Magtanggol” Might Be GMA Network’s Next Big Hit.

10. The Norse Mythology.

It is true that “Victor Magtanggol” was inspired by Thor himself, though not the Marvel superhero played by Chris Hemsworth, but the hammer-wielding god of thunder, lightning and storms from Norse mythology. And “Victor Magtanggol” will also be using the Mjolnir, the powerful hammer used by Thor (again, not the Chris Hemsworth version but the god from Norse mythology itself).

But this doesn’t mean that “Victor Magtanggol” is actually Thor.

The show, as clarified by Annette Gozon, has allusions to the Norse Mythology, from which they also took some inspiration. And guys, mythologies from certain cultures or society are usually on public domain, allowing anyone to use it freely. So we can’t really conclude that “Victor Magtanggol” copied Thor in anyway.

Anyways, we all have some fascination with foreign mythologies so this concept actually sounds really interesting.

9. It’s Trending.

Well, I guess the old saying is true. Good or bad. Publicity is still publicity. The more that the show is being talked about, the more people are getting curious about the show. The more they are more likely to anticipate the show as it premieres this July on GMA’s Telebabad.

8. The OST from Ex Battalion.

So apparently, Ex B, also popularly known as Ex Battalion who gave us the ear-catching hit of 2017 “Hayaan Mo Sila”, is behind the original soundtrack of the series. The song is entitled “Superhero Mo” is the official theme song of “Victor Magtanggol” which they’ve also composed. And oh, did I already mentioned that Victor himself, Alden Richards is also singing?

Well, I’ve never heard Chris Hemsworth sing an OST for Thor before, right? At least Alden can top him with his voice.

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7. Victor Magtanggol’s Costume.

To it’s credit, the costume worn by Victor Magtanggol actually looks good. From the armor to his hammer, everything looked quite amazing. They really took the inspiration from Norse mythology really seriously.Though the mask was a bit too much for me but as a whole, Alden looked great in that costume. Plus, it was purely Filipino made.

Just like what Alden said in one of his interview, “It’s all Filipino talent, Filipino effort, blood, sweat, tears, all in one project.”

6. It’s Alden’s Dream Role.

The series serves as a dream come true to Kapuso star Alden Richards. “Victor Magtanggol” serves like a passion project for him as he have been a big fan of superheroes like Iron Man and have been dreaming to play one as mentioned in one of his interviews.

5. A New Superhero.

It’s been a while since GMA Network had a good superhero series on Primetime. The network’s last superhero series was “Alyas Robin Hood” starring Dingdong Dantes in the title role. The said show also had similar controversies but proved to be a success for the network since the show was able to get some good ratings.

Hopefully, “Victor Magtanggol” will do the same. What I’m interested about though is that what if the two shows will have some cross-over of sorts where “Victor Magtanggol” and “Alyas Robin Hood” will form a tag team who fights crime. Now, were talking!

4. The Powerhouse Cast.

Aside from our Pambansang Bae, the action fantasy series also feature a star-studded cast led by Janine Gutierrez, Andrea Torres, John Estrada, Eric Quizon and they even got Christian Bautista as one of Victor’s nemesis.

3. Multi-awarded Actor John Estrada plays an important role.

John Estrada has been part of ABS-CBN since 1991 until he decided to transfer stations and moved to GMA Network this year.

He is considered as one of the best actors today, with his multiple awards like the Best Actor award from the 17th PMPC Star Awards for TV, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, Drama or Musical for the 6th ENPRESS Golden Screen Awards and the Best Supporting Actor in the 28th PMPC Star Awards for TV. This will be his first Primetime series in the network after his transfer as he plays Dr. Nikoli.

2. Andrea Torres and Janine Gutierrez.

Alden Richards will finally be working with new leading ladies after the hit AlDub tandem.

1. Of course, the top reason why “Victor Magtanggol” can be GMA Network’s Next big Hit is none other than Victor himself, Alden Richards.

Fans have been looking forward to see Alden donning the armor of the Norse god of thunder ever since the announcement of the series and the debut of it’s teaser. He even had to go through all the pain of doing his own stunts in the action packed scenes of the series since he wanted to give out his best in bringing the character of Victor Magtanggol to life.

So, are you already looking forward to see Alden waving his big hammer as our next superhero, “Victor Magtanggol”?


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