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A Real, Meaningful Food Encounter at Akrotiri (Ακρωτήρι)

Going to work each day can be stressful especially if one is based in the metro. For most of the working-class, particularly those who find pleasure in chilling out or hanging out with friends or officemates for a night of food and drinks on weeknights or weekends, Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine  could be the likely place to go.

The facade of Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine Resto. Image courtesy of Akrotiri.

When too much work weighs one down, it is always a good thing to steal time to “live a little.” Unwind by pampering one’s self with good food and have a few drinks with friends at Akrotiri. The effect can be either far-reaching — like empower you more to work harder — or something more simple as knowing that you have had a well-spent evening out.

Akrotiri also offers a wide selection of wines, spirits, and beer that reflect the coastal blending ethos—it is because in Greek (spelling Ακρωτήρι), it means cape as in the cape of good hope or peninsula, these areas are surrounded on three sides by water but have a strong connection to the land.

Surely Appeals to the Filipino Palate

Filipinos are known to be foodies with both discriminating and discerning palate. Due to such attitude toward food, Akrotiri cultivated the interest and embraced local, foreign, and progressive cooking concepts for a delicious treat for its diners. Food being offered is diverse and is lifted from coastal food cultures in the world; and that’s the actual vision—to provide an authentic Modern Eurasian Cuisine.

These are four of the bestsellers of Akritori’s main entrees, clockwise: Angus Tenderloin with a spiced crust, Hibiscus dressing and vegetables; 24-hour Pork Belly with apple-ginger, wood sorrel leaves and Kimchi; Rustic Chicken Teriyaki with crispy salad, oven potatoes, curry mayo; and Sea_Tuna Tataki with Indian crust, lemon soya dressing, wasabi 550 aioli, baby vegetables. Images courtesy of Akritori.

Entering into the restaurant, it immediately provides an ambiance of what Akrotiri is in Greek. It  resembles an ancient village in the volcanic Greek island of Santorini where different rich cultures and gastronomic experiences from different parts of the world flourished that even Plato used it as an inspiration to the story of Atlantis.

The restaurant is designed to be a reflection of the modern-day Greek culture in its ability to make each meal an encounter which provides a connection between the food served and the people rediscovering their roots. It is a fusion of European and Asian cuisine that is traditionally marked with intense hospitality and generosity, and food is seen as a channel for affection.

Ideal Setting for Romantic Dates

The husband-and-wife owners of AkrotiriMr. and Mrs. Dimitris Karatzas envisioned the place to be a restaurant space that allows food as a meaningful and delightful gift to its guests. Mr. Karatzas is a member of the third generation of the Karatzas family who runs a reputable restaurant in Mykonos, Greece called Kastro’s.

Since 1976, Kastro’s has been serving the best cocktails in Mykonos town and has now flourished into an amazing restaurant with Greek and Mediterranean influences, all of which have been celebrated by travelers worldwide, including the likes of Jeremy Jauncey.

Nicole Karatzas is a former professional model who would always finds herself in different parts of the world. Her many travels allowed her to infuse to her cooking the influences she has amassed.

Since Greece is one romantic place — the location of the sequel/prequel of sorts Mama Mia 2 —Akrotiri provides unique fine dining service for its diners especially for lovers on a date. The Karatzas couple made sure that everything is cooked to order and ingredients are seasonal and fresh. Diners get to choose from an extensive line-up of wine, whiskey and gin portfolio that is managed by a sommelier.

The Specialists behind Akrotiri

Akrotiri created a feast of specialty menu to be offered as part of its comprehensive food choices—a classic Greek heritage of Mediterranean triad themes that overlap with Malay, Oriental, and European influences.

Such efforts won’t be possible without the expertise of the team who compose Akrotiri.

David Jones is the general manager. He has more than 20 years of food and beverage management experience in London, U.K.

David Jones is general manager. Image courtesy of Akritori.

With Akrotiri, Jones said that they wanted, “To bring our knowledge to the Philippines and use all the incredible food that’s in the East and blended it with the West.”

Akrotiri’s executive chef and consultant is Luca Maffei. Image courtesy of Akritori.

Akrotiri’s executive chef and consultant is Luca Maffei. He prides in his 20 years of culinary experience in different parts of the world including Mykonos, Ibiza, Mexico and Thailand. He is an Italian chef with intricate taste to flavors and fusion. Chef Luca masterfully re-imagined Akrotiri Modern Eurasian Cuisine’s food, bringing the blissful taste of Asia and Euro-Greek cultures to the local cuisine.

Akrotiri head chef is Ereyca Trinidad. Image courtesy of Alritori.

With more than five years of culinary experience in the local industry and having managed several restaurants in the metro, Akrotiri head chef is Ereyca Trinidad. It is good news that prior to earning her culinary arts degree at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, Trinidad was a professional nurse, which guarantees a nurturing and nursing nature of the restaurant for its guests.

She shared, “Metro Manila is an emerging market for restaurants and we wanted to present something new, yet still familiar to the Filipino palate. Using local ingredients and principles plays a vital role in bringing to life our concept of showcasing global coastal food cultures through dishes that remain close to home.”

Akrotiri’s concept was first considered in 2001 in the cold and misty streets of London by two people who wanted to embrace their own food cultures but needed to gain knowledge and inspiration from others. Over the years, the influences, the ideas and the knowledge have expanded their concept and their palates but never dulled their passion for creating a stunning coastal dining experience.

Its identified ready markets are the food lovers, businessmen, happy couples, tourists and even families (Class A, B and upper C brackets) who are looking for something genuine, ready to experiment, upper market, well-traveled and who value quality of set-up and service.

Akrotiri is located at Unit 103, ground floor of Commerce Center Alabang on Commerce Avenue corner Filinvest Avenue and East Asia Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. It is open from 11AM daily. For its menu and additional pieces of information, visit its website


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