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Donnalyn Bartolome asks Viva to shed light on the film “Jacqueline Comes Home” controversy

  • Donnalyn Bartolome and Meg Imperial found themselves amid a huge controversy.
  • Both played Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong in the controversial movie Jacqueline Comes Home.
  • Donnalyn called out Viva to clarify the situation to discontented parties. 

Viva contract artist Donnalyn Bartolome and Meg Imperial starred in a recent movie called Jacqueline Comes Home, a retelling of the 1997 case that began with the disappearance of two sisters Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong in CebuThe movie was the center of controversy since its release.

The Netizens questioned the two female lead stars for doing their research well with regard to their characters.

Image Source: Meg Imperial | Instagram

Donnalyn appeals to Viva to clarify the Issue.

Bartolome, one of the stars, asked Viva Artists Agency to clarify the situation via a facebook post she made. She mentioned that she and the other actors were kept in the dark about how the movie would end.

She claimed that she did her research and trusted the team behind the movie since the source was Jacqueline’s mother herself, Mrs. Thelma Chiong.

“Hindi ako reklamador na artista, kasi sino ba naman ako pero Viva Artists Agency pakiklaro po sa mga taong ito kung ano ang totoo. You can all say di ako nagresearch kahit I did but the team led me to believe na may surprise ending NA WALA SA MGA ARTISTA ANG NAKAKAALAM para macurious ang mga tao SAYING kung ano talaga nangyari kay Jacqueline. Naririnig ko pa sa team “you’ll know what happened to Jacqueline” Kahit di ako sure sa kung ano man yun, kesyo buhay or patay yung tao dahil si Mrs. Chiong ang source niyo(about what happened kay Jacqueline) I trusted the team.”

Frustrated because she found herself amid such controversy, she felt that as a contract star of the film outfit, she should have been given more protection.

“Akala ko sasabihin na dito ni Mrs. Chiong ano totoong nangyari kay Jacqueline. Nakakaiyak sa galit. Kaya nga may “I think” ako sa una when I said that. Pero hindi naman yun iiintindihin ng mga tao. I am so tired taking all the blame tapos di niyo pa iningatan inupload niyo pa ito not thinking mamisunderstand ng mga tao. Dapat iningatan kami kung ayaw man sabihin saaming mga artista ang ending.”

Image Source: VIVA Entertainment | YouTube

She is not a whiny actress but she is tired of taking the blame for something that was beyond her control.

“Ngayon yung “I think dito marereveal ang totoong nangyari kay Jacqueline” “I THOUGHT” nalang dahil pati kaming mga artista pinacurious sa ending na yan! Pare pareho lang tayo walang alam kahit nagresearch pa nakakaiyakkkkkkk 😭😭😭😭😭”

Image Source: Donnalyn Bartolome | Facebook Page

E-mail from a Chiong 7 relative

Donnalyn then shared a screenshot of an e-mail from a relative of the Chiong 7, the men convicted in the Chiong Sisters case. In the said e-mail, the unnamed relative praised the star’s portrayal of Marijoy Chiong and courage in taking on such a controversial role.

This email is everythiiiiiiiingggggggg!!! Email from a close relative of one of the Chiong 7(the men convicted for the Chiong Sisters case)
Thank you so much 😭
P.S. This is the last time I’ll EVER post about this


Image Source: Donnalyn Bartolome | Facebook Page



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