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Humanap Ka Ng Panget Vs. Find An Ugly Woman: Is Andrew E. guilty of plagiarism?

  • Filipino rap icon Andrew E. is caught on fire after a Reddit user posted the music video of American group Cash Money Marvelous’ song, ‘Find An Ugly Woman’.
  • In the 1990s, the Filipino rap icon released one of his hit singles, ‘Humanap Ka Ng Panget’.
  • The uncanny similarity between the two songs is undeniable, it’s almost as if ‘Humanap Ka Ng Panget’ is nothing but a Filipino translation of Cash Money Marvelous’ song.

Social media has definitely changed the way people behave, especially when it comes to human error.

We’ve seen over and over how public personalities, celebrities, and online influencers have been called out when they commit something deemed by the public as unacceptable.

By the looks of it, Filipino rap icon Andrew E is next. In the 1990s, Andrew E. released ‘Humanap Ka Ng Panget’  and it became one of his most famous hits and one of the most recalled Filipino novelty songs of all time.

However, a thread was recently posted on Reddit and people are speculating that ‘Humanap ka Ng Panget’ is plagiarized.

The thread contains a music video of American group Cash Money Marvelous’ song, “Find An Ugly Woman”. Listening to the song’s beat and lyrics – the similarities are uncanny. It’s almost as if  ‘Humanap Ka Ng Panget’ is the Filipino translation of the song.

Netizens were quick to comment and share their thoughts on the speculation. As of writing, Andrew E. has yet to react to the issue.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Share it with us in the comments!


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