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Make-up artist and Assistant defend Kris Aquino for Alleged Insults toward Them

  • A Netizen recently accused Kris Aquino on insulting both her make-up artist and assistant.
  • Make-up artist RB Chanco and assistant Jack Salvador, reacted to alleged insults toward them.
  • Kris also spilled the tea and shared that the Netizen had blocked her.

A Netizen recently accused Kris Aquino on insulting both her make-up artist RB Chanco and assistant Jack Salvador.

According to the Netizen, Kris agreed to be compared to RB ‘if she had her teeth fixed’. On the other hand, the Netizen also pointed out that Kris called Jack as ‘too big’ to get into a crowded elevator.

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RB replied

RB replied on the threads of the comments and pointed out that she and Kris are close friends. She also added that there is no need to be upset and that she actually didn’t feel offended.

“I have been working with Kris for the past 8 years, and more than that we are close friends. There’s really no need to be upset, because I’m NOT AT ALL OFFENDED.”

RB also noted that if people actually get to know her (referring to Kris), they will know how she actually has a good heart.

“If you can get to know her, you will definitely change your perception of her. And you will get to know her good heart.”

Image Source: RB Chanco (@rbchanco) | Instagram

RB also clarified that she’s not humiliated nor insulted by the alleged statements. She shared that she and Kris are like family and already comfortable to say anything to each other.

“Again, (I’m) not humiliated nor insulted at all. This just goes to show that we are so comfortable enough to say anything to each other like just any other close friends, and just like family.”

Image Source: Kris Aquino (@krisaquino) | Instagram

RB also tagged Kris and expressed her love for the Queen of All Media. She also mentioned that the closeness between them is undeniable.

“Love you Kris. Between you and me, kung alam nila, bawing bawi na ako and unfortunately, these are things i (can’t) share here because yung closeness natin – we have our secrets worth an investment that we have to guard it with out lives and keep it with love.”

Image Source: RB Chanco (@rbchanco) | Instagram

Kris responded and noted how RB is so close to his two sons: Josh and Bimby. She also considered RB her family.

“i love you… and you also know how Bimb defends you. And I will never forget na ikaw yung tumatayo para tulungan si kuya mag bathroom… that’s what this person didn’t see- na roommate ka na namin & just as simple as that- FAMILY na tayo… hindi rin nila alam kung paano mo ko direchuhin tungkol sa love life & pag tripag pag may bagong playlist dahil na alam na may nangyari na naman with… quiet na tayo. Hanap muna ako ng lilipatan sa Makati. I love you w/ my whole #rbeautified being.”

Image Source: Kris Aquino (@krisaquino) | Instagram

Jack also responded.

Jack also responded to the Instagram thread of comments. He stressed that Kris would tease him as a way of endearment. He also added that the Netizen just needed to get to know Kris. He continued that he could arrange a movie date with Kris for the Netizen to get to know her.

“hi mam/sir bakit po parang galit na galit ka naman sa post mo? Pwede po bang relax po tayo and pwede bang kapayapaan nalang po? Yung mga ganun banat ni Madam… lambing at biro niya po (‘yun) kasi ibig sabihin mahal niya yung tao. Kahit naman po siguro kayo pag naglalambing or nakikipag biruan sa mga friends niyo kulitan minsan. Wag po tayo masyadong sensitive at mag react. If you want invite nalang kita for a special movie date with @krisaquino para makita at makilala mo din siya. Positivity lang tayo :)”

Image Source: Jack Salvador (@jacksalvador) | Instagram

Touched by Jack’s defense, Kris also responded with a short expression of gratitude.

“thank you for everything.”

Image Source: Jack Salvador (@jacksalvador) | Instagram

Kris also spilled the tea that the Netizen already blocked her.

“jack hinamon ako & now naka block ang reply ko. I screen grabbed what i had to say & will post on IG stories.”

Image Source: Kris Aquino (@krisaquino) | Instagram


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