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Netizens slam Sofia Andres on reposting news on Hailey Baldwin’s alleged pregnancy

  • Sofia Andres re-posted a report of Hailey Baldwin is allegedly 3-months pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby.
  • Justin also announced their engagement in July 10, Tuesday on Instagram.
  • Netizens also schooled Sofia on sharing an obviously fake news on Twitter.

Sofia Andres recently posted a screenshot of’s report about Hailey Baldwin’s alleged pregnancy. According to the article, the reason behind Justin Bieber and Hailey’s quick engagement was the said pregnancy.

In the said article, Hailey is allegedly 3-months pregnant with Justin’s baby.

Image Source: Sofia Andres (@iamsofiaandres) | Instagram

The couple has yet to confirm or deny the said report. However, Hailey has been seen with a flat stomach and cropped up tops which may reject and dismiss said rumors. Justin also announced their engagement on July 10, Tuesday on Instagram.

Image Source: Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) | Instagram

Sofia’s re-post

Sofia wrote a short, “i knew it!!!!” on her tweet.

Image Source: Sofia Andres (@iamsofiaandres) | Twitter

Netizens reply

Netizens schooled Sofia on sharing an obviously fake news on Twitter. One netizen pointed out that Justin had a long caption, professing his love for Hailey. They also added that the website just wanted to make money from the quick engagement.

“so y’all actually believe this bullshit of a headline??? didn’t y’all read justins long ass caption stating how he truly loves h and why he proposed? these companies just want some chaching so pls ugh”

Another netizen pointed out that Sofia was being gullible and desperate for believing the article. They also added that this would just discredit Justin’s long caption of professing his love for Hailey.

“Imagine someone in your industry being THAT gullible and desperate to believe any reason at all that would discredit Justin proposing to Hailey with the reason he genuinely loves her? Oh honey”

One netizen also mentioned that Hailey wears cropped tops and fitted clothes that are not suitable for a 3-month pregnant woman.

“sa parating suot ni hailey talaga lang na naniwala kayo na 3mos preggy sya..haller naman hindi ka makapag susuot ng ganyan at ang liit ang tiyan nya my pa abs pa tapos 3mos .napagdaanan ko nman maging preggy at sa liit ko na to my baby bump kana sa 3mos na yan.”

Then, another netizen noted that for someone in the showbiz industry should be one of the people who can spot fake news.

“Tanga mo talaga wooooh! Mapapa tangina nalang talaga ako sayo sofia. You’re in the showbiz industry tapos hindi mo alam yung “fake news”. Di ka kasi update tignan mo latest pics ni Hailey may baby bump ba? Ikaw buntisin ko dyan eh. @__magn ikaw na bahala sa bobong to”

One netizen also proved that the article was actually a hoax.

“it’s a hoax”

“How did you know?”

“only this site claims she’s pregnant and it’s not a credible one it’s not even known + you can check hailey’s body in her recent pics + she drinks alcohol + they’ve only been together for a month and no it’s not with shawn either they were just friends”

Then one just simply replied with two words.

“Fake news”


One netizen also slammed Sofia on being a fake fan.

“ang bobo naman naniniwala agad sa chismis HAHAHAHAHAHA fake fan”

Then, another netizen slammed Sofia’s Jelena (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) heart.

“Ang bobo mumsh para maniwala dyan. Yes, gusto mo si Selena para kay Biebs pero tangina??????? Sumusobra ka naman ata.”

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