Paul Salas’ Dad weighs in on Physical Abuse accusations against His Son

  • Jim Salas sent a message to the PAULNATIONOFC group chat.
  • The said message included the physical abuse accusations against Paul Salas.
  • He also mentioned an unnamed woman for taking a selfie of her bruises rather than reporting to the police or barangay.

Paul Salas‘s dad, Jim Salas, sent a message to the group chat, PAULNATIONOFC. The said message included the physical abuse accusations against Paul.

Jim slammed an unnamed woman for taking a selfie of her bruises and scratches as opposed to filing a case to the police or barangay.

Image Source: Paul Salas (@paulandre.salas) | Instagram


In the message, Jim stated that they know what really happened. He continued that the unnamed woman should have gone to the police or barangay if what she was saying was real.

“Kilala niyo si Paul at alam niyong hindi niya kaya gawin yun. Alam namen ang totoo. Alam ng Diyos ang totoo. Mahirap mag salita agad dahil sarado utak ng mga tao. Kung totoo ang sinasabi ng babaeng yun bakit hindi (siya) nag sumbong sa pulis o kaya brgy.”

Image Source: Jim Salas (@umdkingjim) | Instagram

Jim quipped that the unnamed woman had time to take a selfie of her bruises and marks to which Paul did (which in reality Paul didn’t do). He added people should keep an open mind and wait for Paul’s side.

“Nagka oras pa (siya) mag selfie ng mga sugat niya na hindi namna gawa ni Paul. Malalaman niyo din ang totoong kwento. Sa ngayon, maging bukas ang isip naten na dalawa ang kwento parati sa storya at antayin ang kwento sa side ng anak ko. Maraming salamat sa inyong mga totoong nag mamahal kay paul at sa amin.”

Image Source: @iamshaikate | Twitter

Barbie Imperial’s “No to Physical Abuse” posts.

In a series of photos, Barbie Imperial wrote a short caption and promised herself she will not experience it ever again.

“No to physical abuse. NEVER AGAIN.”

Image Source: 1myjuanbie | Instagram

In the series of photos, Barbie sported blue and green bruises on her chest.

Image Source: 1myjuanbie | Instagram

Barbie also has extremely red scratches on her arms.

Image Source: 1myjuanbie | Instagram




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