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Star Cinema adprom head says “I Love You, Hater” is ‘no-flop’

  • Star Cinema adprom head corrected a netizen saying that “I Love You, Hater” is a no-flop.
  • Netizens and fans disagree.
  • “I Love You, Hater” already earned ₱40-million in just five days.

Star Cinema’s “I Love You, Hater” is already in its 1st week in cinemas with over 240 screens nationwide. The movie marks the return of the Queen of All Media to Star Cinema  after three years of shunning away from the public. In the film, she is joined by one of the country’s popular loveteams-JoshLia (Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto) and the latest project has received positive reviews coming from numerous respected online sites and has already earned Php40 million gross after four days.

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File Photo – LionhearTV

So, is it a flop? Despite reaching Php40 million gross after four days, some netizens continue to throw negative comments about the movie. One netizen (@retchmanjares) commented in one of Star Cinema adprom head’s Instagram post.

“Ayon flop nga,” according to @retchmanjares.

Mico del Rosario, Star Cinema adprom head was quick to correct the comment, “GAGA. Di yan flop.”

The netizen asked again, “Talaga ba?”

Del Rosario ended the conversation with his final, “Yup!”

Netizens who watched the show disagreed and says that the netizen is just another hater.

Another netizen defended the movie commenting that how can a Php40-million gross sales in just five days be considered a flop?

Image courtesy by Star Cinema | Instagram

Frankly, “I Love You, Hater” is a good movie. Haters may hate the producer, Kris or even JoshLia, it’s fine; but rest assured that all actors and the production crew gave their best in the film and the story is timely and heartwarming at the same time. Moviegoers, especially the critical ones should give this a chance.


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